Friday, July 10

A Friday evening with wine and Rob

Time has changed since I'm living in the A.T. era and Friday evenings now look totally different. Normally, when Mr.V is out for a weekend I take time for myself and watch movies he'd never consider looking or just read a book or even go out with BFF.

Now, there is only one movie I'd watch and only one book - ok, actually four - I'd read. Additionally, I spend an enormous time reading all the beautiful blogs, browsing youtube for Rob-session videos and newly, I also tweet.

Yeah, life definitely has changed....

Today, I started my evening by struggling with US - German stupid license stuff and the fact that I'm far away from all those Twilight-goddies!

Most of you won't care, but I do! I care, a lot !!! I mean, really a lot!

In B.T era , it didn't matter if

  • I can buy a US magazine in Germany or not ....
  • I can hear a playlist from other people or watching US youtube videos.....
  • I'm living in a different time zone and miss all the news because I'm sleeping....
  • a movie hits my theatre months later.... (this is a very important point - keep that in mind. I'll come back to that point later - just not today)

Now, everything - every shitty thing - matters to me. I'm sure you all got my problem, but I'd like to go a bit more into detail to make sure you get the bloodiness of my situation.

Let's start with that:

not fair - I !

Yeah, I could buy it directly from US, but the prize is ridiculous! I think US prize is 9,99$ (?), here it would be 34$. Heeellloooo?? Is that fair, maybe kidding??? I guess not. Ok, at some point I might be so desperate and order it but now, I'm just pissed.

Besides that, there is a big difference in how music, TVshows and video licenses are handled in both countries. But instead of letting the people enjoy the music (I mean they could buy them afterwards!?) and video stuff, they make a problem out of it!

Actually, I just wanted to listen to Mrs. Cuties playlist:

apparently, I violate the law...

Since my evening started so distressed, I wanted to make myself happy, opened a good bottle of wine and spend nearly 1.5 hrs scanning youtube. While there is a whole lot of shit and bad videos out there, I found some really nice ones, too.

My favorite Rob is the suit-yummie Rob, but in addition I have an immense „hand" obsession and Rob has such beautiful hands. When he then runs them through his hair, I can't breathe normally anymore.

Take a deep breath for that:

Now, I feel better and have certainly a good night!

5 truly lovely comments..:

cuteangiek said...

Holy Haberdashery! Well, firstly, Ang from Why Not MUST see this!

Secondly, yes for some really stupid reason I am still awake!

And thirdly, this whole playlist, The Precious debauchery is weighting very heavily upon my brain! I will find a solution. I am SOOO angry for you, and I truly do care.

I am going to bed now, but I will not forget your woes!

And finally, I may or may not have drooling, sighed and otherwise lost all sense of right and wrong while watching that lovely video! Oh my... I will be back later today to watch more!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks Cutie for being angry for me, it´s so good to know that I´m not alone with my worries. :-)

And I have no clue how many times I´ve seen this video since I first stumbled on it. It makes my sigh...

Kristen said...

The woes of living abroad!!! I'm sure that one of your blogger lovelies will have to take pity on you and send a little of 'the precious' your way. :)

And for the record - as much as I love suit Rob there is something about jeans Rob that gets my wheels aturnin'. Or spontaneously burst my knickers into flames. Something like that. :)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@ Kristen, It never bothered my before! But all this had changed so much... *sigh*
and I totally agree with you about JeansRob. But I mean, he looks awesome in any kind of clothes, right? :-)

Kristen said...

Or - out of any clothes..... my dream!!!!

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