Tuesday, June 30

Damn, how to call this blog ???

This will be my first blog post ever in my life and I won´t start with the most obvious thing, meaning introducing myself no, first I´ll tell why I choose this title.

The introduction comes later because first: I know myself very well, second I don´t think that so many people will read this stuff and third: nearly every blog starts like this, so I´ll do it differently.

While browsing through the web I found tons of crazy and cool Twilight related blogs and most of them have pretty

cool, crazy and creative titles. So how could I design a title which is cool and I´m happy with ???

I thought about it ... quite long.... quite intensive.... not very creative...

I had some ideas, but I didn´t want to have something just related to the movie. I like the movie, I love the books, the characters, but most of all I love Edward.

And what loves Edward (besides Bella)???

Yeahhhh right ! his cars !!!

Got it !!! Cool !!!

So he owns a shiny Volvo (everyday car) and an outstanding cool Aston Martin Vanquish V12 (his „special occasion“ car).

Honestly the Volvo doesn´t suit him so much, I know it´s for keeping the masquerade..., but the Vanquish !! this is the car I see him with!

Exclusive, elegant, precious and more than anything else this car is really fucking sexy!!! Exactly my picture of Edward/Roward/RPattzzz, do you also find it so hard to keep them separated ??

exclusive and fucking sexy

Yes I´m a woman, but nevertheless I can judge if a car is just a mobility device or something else. Really, I wouldn´t be like Bella if he would buy me a Ferrari! I would just swap the cars, he can have the Ferrari and I would take the Vanquish - fair !

One last note: this won´t be a blog about cars !!! ;-)

2 truly lovely comments..:

cuteangiek said...

LOL I love it! He truly is "exclusive and fucking sexy!" The to the End, my friend!

I think this is a FABULOUS first post. And I agree, not only is the name of your blog creative, but extremely unique.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Did I tell you already that I love you ? No?? Shame on me!!
You are such a sweetie!!!

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