Friday, March 5

Award for the Best Twiancè Ever!

Today is day to celebrate:

It's the Birthday of my beloved friend Betti!

I don't even know how old she gets today, but this is so not important because she just looks like 35, never met a woman who looks like her. She is beautiful but not just outside, inside even more. I had the luck to meet her last year when she came here to watch New Moon together with me and it was a wonderful exciting weekend!

Since I cannot hug her today I thought of a tiny something special, so I created a once in a lifetime Award for her:
The Best Twiancè Ever Award!

I love you Betti and I'm blessed to have you in my life and beyond happy we met last year. See, one thing more to be thankful for Twilight, without Twilight I wouldn't have met this wonderful woman and couldn't call her friend now

I wish you the bestest Birthday today, I hope you'll have a wonderful day full of Love because you deserve all of it if not more. I hope soon we'll have more time together since lately I was always too busy and distracted with other things.
I would love to hug you, but since I cannot do it, I send you virtual hugs - tons of them!! - virtual kisses - lot's of them!! and all my Love across Germany! Do you feel it?

Love you, Happy Birthday!

5 truly lovely comments..:

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Holy shit!!!
Do you want to make me WIME II ???
I love you, that's all!!!!
It is the best bday ever already!

I'm speechless, dunno what to say...


P.S. I love that you managed to insert one of my fave Dani typos into the award pic ;-)
Please DO NOT change it, ok???

Yours forever and ever
and ever ever!!

Betti <3

One Pushy Fox said...

Danny! You so sweet. And Happy Birthday again, Betti!!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

oh yeah it's not may day! sorry for the typo but glad you like it:)

uhyesplease said...

Yeah! Another place I get to give a little lovin' to Betti!!! And to MrsV for the two of you being the cutest Twiances EVER!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday!! And such a great idea Mrs.V!!!!!!

Alice said...

Happy birthday!!!

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