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MrsV speaks out about New Moon and Bella!

Wake up from the New Moon coma, it’s time!

It’s been now more than two weeks ago since New Moon finally hit the theaters. We waited so long for this and now I have the feeling that we are all sitting in a black hole. The excitement slowly went down and now we have to wake up.

I expected that I would read reviews, opinions’, screaming’s all over in bloggy world but it’s been fairly quite. Annie at the Danger Magnet gave a really cool review and slowly the other blogs come out now of the black hole and start telling about their experience at the premiere and what they like or dislike about New Moon. I already told you about my New Moon weekend with my beautiful Twincé Betti but I now want to tell you what I think about New Moon itself!

Yes, I woke up! I came out of the coma and left the black whole and now I will tell you!

I start with something all of you would probably not expect from me but I will talk about Kristen Steward and Bella first. Hu???? Read on please, don’t leave me now!

When I go back to our Twilight Book vs. Movie discussion it became clear that most people really don’t like KStew, don’t like her being Bella and dislike her acting skills. Well, I came out of New Moon and one of the first things I said to Betti was : “ I love KStew in here! Period!! “

First of all, she got older and she’s super gorgeous and beautiful. In Twilight she was a girl I wouldn’t even recognize on the street because she was just not shining. Apart from her lack of glow the stupid makeup she had in Twilight, this ugly blue eye shadow was so unnecessary! One had the feeling she was still trying to find the “Bella” inside her, in New Moon she IS Bella.

The way she showed Bella’s grief and despair was heartbreaking, when you looked into her eyes you saw the emptiness, at least I saw it! One scene will always make me cry and breakes my little heart is when she is sitting in the chair and we go through October, November, December. I even have goosebumps now while writing it and thinking about it. Together with the song “Possibilities” it gives me exactly the feeling I needed to have in this scene!

I heard some people complaining that she didn’t cry during the breakup scene, but for me there was no need for it. She was beyond being able to cry and when she’s lying in the wood rolled inside her it was all how I pictured it while reading the book.

I saw the happiness coming back into her eyes when being with Jake and I saw her anger when she punched Jared in his face! I saw her attempt to show Charlie that she’s willing to try and start living again, you know in the scene when they are standing besides her truck and Charlie tells her that she has to go back to Jacksonville!

And, I believed her despair when Jake who told her that he’s not good for her.

I loooooveeeeeed how she told Edward to shut up during the voting scene!

When talking about Bella, one more thing comes into my mind what I found super clever and perfect, the emails to Alice. You get two things with that, First how close the relationship between Bella and Alice is and Second, Bellas desperate feelings and grief. Something you always deal with while reading the book but in a movie one can’t get that so it was clever to do it that way, I loved it and how excruciating it is that all those emails come back …

The only scene where I’m not sure about is the Meadow scene! First, it was a perfect twist to make the Meadow all sere – great idea!!! It matches perfectly Bellas feelings when she arrives at the Meadow, before you see the beautiful Meadow and then all is gone and sere… But I’m not sure if I got the right feeling about her heartbreaking, maybe I would just have to see it again.

However, to conclude once more: I love her in New Moon. She finally became my Bella and I can’ wait to see her in Eclipse and finally as a beautiful and breathtaking Vampire in Breaking Dawn!!

So my lovely girls and guys, tell me all about it:

Do you love Bella or still don’t like her? Was she better in your eyes than in Twilight? What did you like and what not? Was there a scene where she surprised you ? Was there a scene where she totally annoyed you ?

18 truly lovely comments..:

Anonymous said...

Don't hate me baby, but I still don't like KStew at all...the only reason she's good at playing emo is because she IS emo. Two things people consistently laughed at during the showings I attended: Bella as a human, and Bella as a vampire. They REALLY laughed at Bella as a vampire. Makes me kinda dread BD.

Stan said...

I have to say that I started to warm to KStew more on the press tour, she seemed so much more relaxed and likeable than before. I agree, I like her much more in New Moon than Twilight, agree with everything you said here and I LOVE the way you did the pics in this post!

Stoney said...

I also really grew to love KStew in this one. I really noticed in some scenes she seemed very natural. Like in the truck when she and Jake are going to test the bikes and she says, "What are you doubting your mad skills?" That seemed like something she would actually say and it really worked IMO.

OME...The October, Nov, Dec, scene is amazing. Nabs and I went and saw the movie for round #3 yesterday and I came right home and had to listen to that song. Just amazing.

Great Bella review!

erikasbuddy said...

I didn't mind BELLA in this movie but I'm just annoyed that Kstew gets to touch Robward so I have to hold a grudge against her. She's touching my man-meat and because of that I am a jealous little ferret.

I did, however, find the opening sceene where Bella is young and sees her OLDER self in the meadow. That was fab!! SHe started to appeal to me more. But still.... HANDS OFF MY SPARKLES!! Growl growl growl lol!

Snarkier Than You said...

I think that she did a better job in NM than Twilight... It was tough to pull off the emotion in this movie and while I wouldn't say she turned in an Oscar-worthy performance, she did great in some scenes. An I guess that the person writing the script can take some of the blame for a few of the awkward moments - lol...

: )

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

I have to admit, KStew's make up was a vast improvement over her make up for Twilight. Her acting improved and over all the scenes were poignant and beautiful. Did I cry? No, not at all. The only time I felt sad for her was when she was walking through the forest at night after the break up and she was calling Edwards name. As a mother of two daughters, this did tear at me. I didn't cry! But I wanted to comfort her. It reminded me of a small child when they are so beyond their limit that they start repeating themselves with one word phrases. I truly felt her pain.

I will say that I liked KStew as Bella. Well, she is Bella.

Anonymous said...

the only really "bad" scene was when Alice "showed" Aro Bella as a Vamp{running with Edward}. Just didn't like it. kristen won me over as Bella in NM. Just really didn't like her in Twilight.

Amy said...

I thought Kristen did a great job as Bella in Twilight and even better in New Moon. I am one of those people who complained that she didn't cry. She didn't need to have a break down, but I think a tear or two was needed for me to really go there with her.

For some reason I didn't feel the strong connection between herself and Jacob. It was clear in the movie he was always a friend figure more than a romantic lead. I felt more of the emotional conflict in the book.

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

I loved her in this one! This gives me high hopes for love triangle goodness of Eclipse(my favorite of the four)

Bella said...

I agree, I loved KStew as Bella in New Moon! I liked her a little less in Twilight, with all the stuttering and blinking. But in New Moon, she is exactly as I imagined her to be in the book. She really nailed the part.

Annie Cristina said...

I also agree with you, Mrs. V -- I loved Kristen in "New Moon." I feel like she really nailed the role. She was able to express such range of emotions in this film, something that the first film didn't really allow her to do (she literally had maybe 2-3 different expressions in "Twilight" as compared to "New Moon").

Ironically, I feel like Robert Pattinson let me down in "New Moon" and didn't convey the same emotional range. But as this is a Kristen/Bella post, I'll shut my mouth and wait for the Edward/Robert post.

Thanks for the shout-out! :D

uhyesplease said...

Yep - you hit the nail on the head for me with this post. On every point! The only weird/awkward parts were a few of the weird/awkward scenes (parking lot at the school and some of those cheesy ass lines and of course the whole running through the forest flashforward scene. YIKES)

But overall - I was happy with her acting, the loss, the sadness, the happiness and guilt at her happiness with Jake. I totally felt chemistry (where I didn't on her end in the books) there. She had a few really subtle looks, like when she saw the vision of Edward when she was talking to that biker guy. Something close to giddiness/oh-my-god-i'm-insane and complete relief at the same time.

And thank God there was little to no blinking, stuttering or sighing. Phew!

I didn't set the bar high for her in NM, actually, i was preparing myself to having to cope with all the cringeworthy stuff from both Twilight and Adventureland.

But I was happilily surprised! Now I just get to cringe at 50% of the lame Robward moments...... (I'm with you on that one Annie!)

Anonymous said...

I always liked KStew in Twilight---except the hospital scene where I guess they let her ablib.

What I didn't like seeing in NM was how she was happy to see Jacob but where was the love and happiness toward Edward?

Not necessarily her fault--I guess it was the script--but NM lacked showing her be HAPPY and PLAYFUL with Edward before the party or after he returned. Her lines were all delivered very flatly toward Edward. She delivered more emotion in her lines to everyone else.

I had to come home after I saw NM the first time and watch Twilight to reconnect with the feelings of tenderness and adoration between Bella and Edward.

based on that...I fear there will be more of the same in Eclipse from her. Maybe by BD KStew will be able to play a Bella that expresses happiness in her face and voice to see the love of her life. lol

spellbound said...

I agree with you about a lot of the things you mentioned. I think you are the only review I've read who mentioned her telling Edward to shut up! Loved that part! I thought overall Kristen did much much better in this one. Her acting was much better & her look much improved. She did have a couple of awkward scenes but the only acting I'm really unhappy with this time was some of the wolf boys. Honestly I have to wonder how some of them got the parts. The missing months scene was genius! I agree with Honolulu Girl, the part where Bella starts chasing & calling Edward after he leaves her really got to me too. Goosebumps there...I didn't really expect tears in that scene. Wasn't crazy about the way they handled Bella's hearing/seeing Edward. IMO it would have been better if we only heard him.

SmuttierThanYou said...

I know I am super late on commenting.

I have to agree with you as far as KStew's performance in Twilight. It left a lot to be desired and I was worried New Moon would be the same. But, I was gladly suprised. New Moon KStew was great. The acting improved and she really was Bella. I mean this girl is still growing up and evolving into being a woman. Look back through her acting career. She has shown improvement each time.

So, while there were still bits and pieces that were disappointing, overall I was pleased with New Moon Bella and can't wait to see how she does in Eclipse.

Another thing to keep in mind is improved performance could have been due to a change in director.

TwiNabler said...

I'm going to have to admit that Kristen really won me over in NM. Oh my goodness does that girl have great skin. The scene where she is getting stitched up and you keep getting close-ups of her are beautiful.

She seems to have become much more "Bella-like" I think some of that has to do with directing and script, but more than anything she has really grown up. In the books Bella is a young girl that is overly mature for her age. In real life KStew was still....for lack of any better immature girl. I think she has grown up so much as a person, and that growth has projected itself onto the screen.

I think she did great, and I'm really looking foward to her smarting off to Edward a bit more in Eclipse. Maybe we'll even get some steamy scenes in the "bed". A girl can hope right!

Awesome Bella Review....very complete and original.

Alice said...

I finally made it here! It was a busy week for me. I already loved Kristen Stewart in Twilight. I like how her acting is not "in your face". People in real life also don't always show how they feel and I like how she never overdoes her acting. The e-mails were indeed very clever. If the'd cut that it would almost seem like had forgotten all about Edward, once she and Jacob became closer.

StarlitViolets said...

Okay - so I know I'm REALLY late to the party, but I just HAD to comment on this great post.

I too, developed a much higher level of respect for KStew after seeing NM. She was okay in Twilight, but really embodied the character in New Moon.

I read an interview once, in which KStew stated that she felt like with Twilight, she put too much of herself into the part, but learned from that and worked on being Bella for the subsequent films. I can totally see that.

She also said the first time around, she was so afraid of sayingthe wrong thing in interviews and press junkets that she was always too nervous to even complete her sentences. We all saw the HUGE difference in her NM press stuff.

Overall, she's growing up. She started Twilight at 17 for goodness sake. Her acting chops are developing along with her obvious maturity.

And to be honest, the biggest improvement for me - NO BLINKING or TWITCHING. She delivered her lines with minimal seizure activity. Whew.

Oh - and the lost months - heartwrenching to say the least. It was painfully beautiful.

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