Friday, January 1

And the winners are...

Wooohhhoo!!!! I picked the winner for the giveaway and I really can't believe who has won.

But before that I want t thank you all from the bottom of my heart for you warm words you all left me. They touched me and I was overwhelmed by your love. *sniffles*

OkOk, I come back to the more interesting part, the winners.

This time I didn't do a complicated drawing system I simply went to Pick At Random and put in the names of the people who signed in for the contest, then I clicked "Thrill Me" twice for the blog layout and twice for the Ring/Mini Contest and made a screenshot.

*drum rolls*

First the winner of the blogdesign giveaway....:

Congrats to Peace Love Twilight and Poptart!

(I gonna email you later about this so that we can figure out what you want. I'm so excited to start designing your blogs!)

Now the winner for the Ring/Mini contest!
The first pick will get the Ring and the Second pick can choose a Mini... Wohhoo
I truly couldn't believe it when I clicked the first Thrill Me
and then the second time...

Yes you see it right the two winners are..

cutie who wins the Bella Ring and

one pushy fox who wins one of the Mini's

I truly hope you all enjoy your prizes and you gonna hear from me soon!
Happy New Year!

9 truly lovely comments..:

cutie said...

Holy Pie hole!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?!?!?! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Pushy,Poptart, and PLT won as well!!! Congrats!!!

THANK YOU MRS. V!!!!!!!! *flabbergasted*

marie said...

Congrats to all of the winners!!!!

You are wonderful Mrs. V!!!

Poptart said...

I just woke up and was greeted by this!

Mrs Vanquish, you are amazing! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!


KG said...

WOOHOO! Congratulations to the winners!! MrsV is AMAZING!!

One Pushy Fox said...

SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so stoked to see this in my inbox! Thank you, Mrs V.!!!

spellbound said...

Congrats to all the winners! What a way to start your year!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Congrats to Cutie and Pop tart and to me I'm 113th follower, 13 is a lucky number for me, lol, well it would be given that its typical for me anyway. Loving the page, loving the bloggy sisterhood. i was on Mrs P's blog and she said go look at other blogs so I am and I ended up here, going to look at some more now, randomly clicking links and surfing the ether-lovely...

Anna (Peace. Love. Twilight!) said...

OH. goodness gracious!

When Cutie told me I won my eyes almost popped outta my skull!

Love. You. The End.

PS: I got your email about your ring prize and I replied but never got another email from you...? Dunno if you're having some email malfunctions but I just need your address and you'll be good! Thanks a ton! said...

Congrats winners - tho i may have to enter myself in a KY fight with Cutie over that ring. :)

I kid, I kid!

You are all SUPER lucky! :)

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