Saturday, January 2

A New Year - A New Look

*bites nails* *looks around nervously*

Yes, you are at the right place. Hey! Don't go it's the Vanquish blog, it... uhm just ...looks. differently!

Well, a new year a new Layout. It was about time that I change the look of my blog, not that I didn't like my "old" one, I did and still do. But, sometimes one needs to be brave enough for a change and since I started my own blogdesign blog 2 months ago. (*gasp* only 2 month ago? I can't believe it...) Anyhoodle, I designed so many wonderful blogs for so many wonderful people, like The Meadow for cutie or The Sweet Darkness for fragilefoxes and I can't mention them all here because by now I designed 14 layouts.. wohooo, but not a layout for myself.

Every time I finished a layout and read about the excitement of the peeps I wished I could also change my own layout. Why doing wonderful layouts for other people when not doing something for myself!!!

Well, the problem were the colors..... With the "old" design I forced myself into a color scheme : black, white, red - and I freaking adore this combination, but I never found a kit which really looked perfect for me...

After days of days and weeks of lurking at my designers I stumpled over Lily's Little Red Bird kit and I stoped: Hmmm, there is red and, white and it looks super pretty and sweet and cute and dreamy - shall I try it?! Could I really do this?! YES I did!

And here and now I have to thank all my friends who held my hand during this and gave their input, without you girls I think I wouldn't have done this *sniffles* and *hugs* I was so nevous about this and truly without your encouragement I wouldn't have been able to do this..

*clears throat* Well, yes look around, this is what I designed for myself.... I know I know it's totally different but I love it. This is a totally romantic and dreamy layout and apart from the fact that I'm not a "dreamer" I'm incredible romantic and emotional which I think flows into this layout. While designing this layout I heard the New Moon Score and this might also have influenced this look. When I designed this header, at some point the quote "If I could dream at all it would be about you" came into my head and I knew it fit's perfect to the new layout.

I'm happy how I could include the Vanquish - driving on this road - because with my blogtitle comes a responsibility in having this exclusive car somewhere in the layout... Well luckily I found this road..

However I tried to stay with a few things so that you not completely feel out of space here... I kept the Papyrus font and the font for my title, I stayed with white, grey, black (uhm a bit... see, the font is black!!) and red as eyecatcher however I included the green form the meadow.

So say goodbye to the old layout:
I loved you a whole freaking much, but now it was time for me to move on, you looked wonderful and I will always remember the day when I say you for the first time and when you were finally online so that everybody could see you. *sniffles* ByeBye we had a wonderful time you and me..

Anyhodie, please look around and I hope you will like it the new layout as much as I do and if not, well just read my posts I'm also fine with that.

If you want you can Grab my new Button and replace the "old" one.
I have a bigger one and a smaller one, take which one you like.

Let's ride the Vanquish

Let's ride the Vanquish

I wish you all a wonderful start in 2010 and I hope you all will stay
at the new looking Vanquish blog!
Love you all!

21 truly lovely comments..:

Tina's Been Rob'd said...

Beautiful New Layout!!

Tonya said...

Great job!

My Twilife said...

You already know I love it!! You do such a great job! Have fun with your new layout!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

You know I mourn the old a layout. A little. It served you well, and I kinda liked it. You comic-me made its way onto my blog too... was even turned into a touching WIME-comic-me once. RIP old MrsV design.
But I'm getting used to the light new flowery MrsVblog. It's more a signature blog for MrV the blogdesigner - so the mission is accomplished. :)
And - HOLY SHIZZLEBIZZLE - 113 followers?? Congrats, my luverly twiancé :)))

bierbeck said...

I love the new layout. It is beautiful.

Call of Duty Widow said...

Great job as usual! I really like the new header.

erikasbuddy said...

Sweet!! I loves it!! Totally loves the little cardinal :) Too cute!!!

cutie said...

So sweet and beautiful! It's prefect for you. =) I love the new layout and think you are incredibly talented! What a great way to bring in the new year. =)

Gosh with all these bigger buttons coming out are we supposed to change our pages to include them??? hm... Sorry random thought there.


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

First off, it’s beautiful. Second, you have done many wonders for other bloggers, so it’s time for you to do something for yourself.

Happy 2010!!

Snarkier Than You said...

looks amazing - well done!

: )

17foreverlisa said...

It's very pretty, Mrs. V. Heading back over to my blog to update your button now...


KG said...

it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! i love it!

HAppy New Year!

Amy said...

This is LOVELY! You're such a great designer!

itsjustme1217 said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Bex said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love it! *strokes Mrs V's new layout lovingly*

Bex said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love it! *strokes Mrs V's new layout lovingly*

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

its very you! I like it! I added the new improved button to your site on our affiliates!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thank you !!! It means a lot that you all like it!
I was really really nervous about that change but finally glad I did it!

@cutie: Actually I love the bigger size of the Buttons ad since I added a extra link on my linkbar for it I gonna Grab the big Buttons.
But I know it's not everybody's taste so I also made a smaller one:)

One Pushy Fox said...

This turned out so FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!! Great job, baby!!!

Bella said...

Oooh, it looks like spring on here! Beautiful! Congrats with the new design!

JenTheMadScrapper said...

It's gorgeous!!! I love it!

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