Monday, January 4

My wonderful Twilight Year 2009

Today, I went out for a walk in the park which is close to my home and I remembered my last year with Twilight and smiled. I had my iPod with my and I heard the Twilight audiobook I just bought at iTunes and I remembered the beginning. Last year, March it happened that I found Twilight ( I already talked about all this in detail here) and I started by hearing the audiobook. I spend hours in the park walking around and listening to this wonderful story, it literally crashed on me. This moment changed my life and brought so much joy to me. After I've seen the movie I was hooked and this whole new world draw me in...

I started reading blogs and was just a lurker for some time until hubs asked me why not to start my own blog. Hu? Could I really do that? Me? I'm not a writer but I wanted an outlet to express my incredible love for the books and this movie. So June this year I just did it, I started this here, my own Twilight home. Which was just one more wonderment along all these wonderful things happened last year.

When the first people came to read my stuff here I couldn't believe it! I will be forever thankful the adorable cutie found me!

July, I joined Twitter. Gosh! Twitter really is a whole world on it's own. It was wonderful to meet so many wonderful people there who are as addicted and devoted as I am. Twitter also brought Fire Crotch to my blog who read about my lack of The Precious I and didn't hesitate but send me a copy right away. Yes this is the wonderment of the Twi community I'm blessed to be part of.

In July I also did my first video, my attempt to deal with my enormous obsession with this pretty face of Rob! People actually like it?! Hu?! Couldn't believe it again...

July and August cutie started the Wide Awake discussion which was so wonderful and truly brought us all so much closer together. It was a such a great time and I enjoyed it a lot! I was happy to be also part of it and I did a Wide Awake video as a farewell.

In August I also got my first layout for my blog and I will never forget the joy I felt when I finally saw it online. This was when I started playing around with html and designs. But this design I got from a super talented designer. (My dear old Vanquish layout, I gonna miss you *sniffles*)

It was in September where I spoke out about my Twipurness and my attempt to avoid any spoilers out there in the world, and I managed! I will definitely still need to talk about how it affected the way I saw New Moon!

In this month something else happend which brought so much more love into my life. I created the "wonderful comment award" inspired by Betti and you remember what she did? No?! She proposed to me! Yes she did : "Will you fucking marry" and sure I accepted and since then thw two of us are Twigaged ... OoOOO!

October was a wonderful month and a truly busy one, it was the month of the Book vs Movie Discussion. I did this together with Betti's Fanny and it was a freaking wonderful time! I was stunned about the response we got and how all of you were part of this with all your awesome comments. It was tons of work but it was so worth it when we saw all of you here on my blog!
I desperately hope Fanny will do this again with me.... Pretty please, I beg you!

November *gasp* - November - freaking November! How long did we all waited for this month?!! It was the month of New.freaking.Moon! And besides the excitement that New Moon comes closer, I had something else to be excited about. I met my Twinancé Betti, here at my place to watch New Moon together!?! Hello?! How awesome is that?
It was wonderful, it was awesome, it was fantastic, it was - put in all the word that express this wonderment. We had such a great time and I didn't know that I could love more, but I did!

My fucking Twigagement Bracelet from Betti!!!!

It was around that time when I finally started my own Blog Design page called Twispired Blogdesign.

Twispired blogdesign

I learned so much about html the last weeks that I badly wanted to really design blogs. I've never been a creative mind, I'm a scientist but in designing blog I finally found something where I could be creative. KG from i heart mythical creatures and cutie form Super Secret Twilight blog were the first peeps who were brave enough to gave their blogs into my hand. I could't imagine how much joy it brought to my in designing blogs, and specially Twilight blogs! I still can't really believe that...

End of November I did my first interview with a wonderful Fan Fiction author, fragile little human was brave enough to come over here and talked with me about her story Breath Me. It turned out wonderful and she let me even announce the Sequel to Breath Me!

December, this was a month where I mostly designed blog for so many wonderful people. For my friends out there in the Twiworld which was why I really neglected my beloved blog a bit. Can you forgive me? Pretty please? But, it was so amazing working with all those peeps on their blogs.

But December was also the month of wonderful Twipresents, I got from my friends. Annie, send me a beautiful necklace with a moon and earrings with crystal hearts, why?!? I still don't know why I deserved something like this but she just wanted to thank me for being part of her giveaway on the Danger Magnet. Well, Annie, it was all MY pleasure and I truly love the wonderful sparkling jewels.

Uhm, yes it's me waring Annies earrings..

I was also part of the Secret Santa thingy my friends from the Lemmon Sisters hold. Where I designed a blog for itsjustme: The RobMusement park .

But I got the freaking best presents ever! From Heather (Call of Duty Widow) I'm so happy to call her a friend because she put so much thought into her presents that it made me tear up! ( Which reminds me that Betti gave me a name: WIME which I truly deserve btw. It means Water In My Eyes. Well Thank you Betti). I got Alice gloves (self knitted), a Vamp magazine, trinkets for my twi - bracelet and she wrote me a freaking wonderful letter! Read about all I said about this here!

Me holding all my precious presents from Heather

And I got all those wonderful Christmas cards from you my friends. Thank You!

Well this was my year Twilight Year 2009. Thanks to all of you how I can call friends now who are part of my life here in this bloggyspere: my freinds, my Twinacé, my followers, commenters, lurkers - I mean all of you. You all made this a beautiful year! I hope this year will be as beautiful!

13 truly lovely comments..:

uhyesplease said...

*KISS KISS KISS* I love you!!! Happy twiyear!!! :)

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

Love you bunches! Just think of how awesome 2010 will be!

SmuttierThanYou said...

What a great post and an even better year!! 2010 is going tobe full of win!

Alice said...

It sure has been an amazing year! It was also the year I met twilight. I'm pretty sure 2010 will be even better (cough leg hitch cough)

Alice said...

It sure has been an amazing year! It was also the year I met twilight. I'm pretty sure 2010 will be even better (cough leg hitch cough)

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

You are the absolute best! Hugs and kisses to you! Here's to 2010 and more Rob, Eclipse, and (True Blood) Hehehe

Annie Cristina said...

I teared up reading this, no lie. *tears up again writing this comment* Hm, is it that time of the month again? Nah, I'm always a sap, hehe. I'm so happy you liked the heart jewelry! You deserve it for how awesomely sweet you are to everyone in the Twi-community. :)

Amy said...

Lovely recap! Isn't it astonishing to look back on your life before you entered into the Twilight community? I didn't know you just started in June! I had thought you'd been around a long while! Happy New Year!

marie said...

I need a tissue now, Mrs. V. *sniffles* I can't imagine my life without you and my other bloggy/Twitter friends. I feel blessed to have you in my life, and let's hope that 2010 is even better!

NWYT aka Betti Gefecht said...

We almost started twi-blogging at the same time - did u know that? *sniffles* And now we share so many wonderful, truly wonderful memories that it seems to me we've known each other since we were in diapers! *sob* How much fun we had, how much secrets we shared, how much we helped each other with whatever was up... *teardrops* Love u tons and more!!!

Bella said...

That's some recap! It's really great to look back at the end of the year and see all the new friends we've made and the wonderful new things we've discovered. Happy New Year!

cutie said...

It truly was a fantastic year, Mrs. V! I remember finding your blog and loving it so. I'm so glad you had such a beautiful year, full of so many new ventures! And I have a feeling this year is going to be even better. =)

Here's to a beautiful New Year full of love, friendship, and many a Twi-related wonderment! Prost!

*bites lip* Did I say that right? *giggles*

Anonymous said...

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