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Give and Take - Fan Fic spotlight!

I've never posted much about Fan Fictions here on my blog, mostly because other blogs do that much better than me. But Fan Fiction is a huge part in our Twilife since we all read a lot of those wonderful stories out there.

I never had the intention to write a story although I love reading, but I'm not a good writer so I let people do that which really can write! Really! Well and it happens that some of my beloved friends write wonderful stories.

I have to admit I really was a bad bad friend lately. I never reviewed my beloved fics and I haven't even read the newest chapters. I was distracted... But I know how important it is for authors to get feedback and reviews, which makes it even worse I didn't review lately..
Anyway, all this here works because we are a community and this means giving and taking. I took all the stories and never gave something back. I realized I had to do something, to make up for my reluctance.

Which is why today, I gonna talk about two of my all time favorite stories and I'll tell you why I love them.

Here is the summary from Betti:
Annie is a single woman, fetching, lucky and mildly obsessed with Twilight. She doesn't miss a thing in her life. Until one day she sees her own personal Edward. Her fantasy starts running wild about a beautiful boy, way too young to even think about it

Why do I love this story? (Apart from the fact that it's Betti who wrote that...)

I love unique stories and Betti's writing style is something I've never seen somewhere else and if you know Betti, you immediately recognize herself in this story.
Annie is like Betti a tough independent woman who happens to fall in Love with Twilight - just like us girls! She has not much love in her life until the day she meets her own Edward in the train: Kiddo, or RPatzz 2.0. He's much younger than she is, but that can't keep the two away from each other.

Most of the fics we are reading are about Edward and Bella, even Jake and Renesthings (how does one spell this name?) but there is nowhere a fic about us. A woman just like us who falls in love with the books and dreams about meeting her own Edward and that is what makes Bettis story so unbelievable adorable and lovely.

I love how Betti brings all those Twilight quotes into her story and creates situations around it. Most of us all know the quotes from the book and specially the movie by heart so it's awesome how Annie always finds the perfect quote for her situation!

Why should you read it?

Because I'm sure there is nothing like Bettis story out there and you will fall in love with this wonderful strong woman that is Annie. And you will love this wonderful cute and vulnerable boy that is Edward. It's a sweet love story and some really hot lemons, but it goes also so much deeper into the souls of Edward and Annie.
It's all funny, hot, sexy, sweet, lovely, innocent, amazing and just truly a wonderment!

This is my Banner for you Betti
(although you can do that much better but I wanted to make something for you... )

Here is the summary:
After 91 years, Bella returns to Chicago to find a mate. Edward mourns the loss of his humanity and his abandonment by his maker. Can they overcome their dark pasts and forgive?

Why do I love this story ?
First, the story is about Vampires and I love fictions about Vampires, there are tons of wonderful fics about humans but the Vampire ones are rare so I appreciate a good Vampire story. But this one is different.
Bella is an old Vampire who lives a "normal" vampire live, meaning she kills to feed. She felt in love with Edward while he was a human, turned him but they didn't see each other again. I love that fragile - who writes Bellas POV creates a Bella which is how a Vampire is supposed to be, meaning a killer but still, you will love Bella because she feels lonely and vulnerable and she's searching for love in her existence.
Pushy (who writes Edwards POV) has always a deep feeling for her characters and really creates the counterpart to Bella. Edward is a lonely tortured and innocent boy who never could forget Bella. And Edward works in Carlisle science lab, which I love!

Fragile creates a violent sexy Bella while pushy creates the counterpart, the innocent lovely Edward. So far, the story lives from those opposed characters.

Why should you read it?

If you love Vampire stories as much as I do, than read it. Bella is an old Vampire and the chapters fragile writes are sometimes deep and violent but never over the top so that you would feel uncomfortable. She seems to know what she can do to us ... Edward is how we love him (at least I do), tortured, vulnerable and sweet innocent.
It's the contrary what makes this story so special, together with the incredible writing skills from fragile and pushy.

This is my Banner for you...
(you might recognize parts of your banner here...)

I truly adore all the 3 authors I mentioned here and I hope you step by and read their wonderful story and leave them your love. I, now go and read the chapters I missed and I will also promise now to review. (I truly hope you are not mad at me and I promise to be a better friend in the future!)

I love you!

Links to the stories :

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erikasbuddy said...

Oh squees to the max!!! Loves all 3 authors ;) Nice post!!! Hooray for Team FF !!!

NWYT aka Betti Gefecht said...

*cries like a baby*
Thank you... I love you!!!
That's all.

NWYT aka Betti Gefecht said...

And just so you know... I love the banner you made from my illustrations!! Cool montage!!!
*sniffles hard*

One Pushy Fox said...

Thank you so much Mrs. V!!!!! You're so sweet and talented and I just love you to pieces. That is all! :)

fragile little human said...

Thank you so much for rec-ing our story...and designing our beautiful blog!! I love the graphic so much - thank you!! *hug* You are the wonderment :)

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Mrs. V, I couldn't agree more with you. I love Betti's story and I did start In the Blood. Argh, just not enough time in the day for all the great fanfics.

Alice said...

Renesthing lol. It's a pitty there aren't that many good vampire stories out there. My favorite ones are mustly human. Maybe it's time I start to read some more about our beloved vampires and add some to that list.

spellbound said...

I cannot wait to read Betti's story! Sounds great & I know it has to be if she wrote it, she's so creative & unique!

uhyesplease said...

Yay! Both of these stories, and all 3 writer are SOLID GOLD!!!

What a great rec, Mrs. V!

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