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Spoiler free! A report from a Twipure Girl!

November seems now soo far behind now, but I remember so clearly when we all have been in the "Pre - November - Is it November yet?" time and impatiently waited for the New Moon release!

I'm still not done talking about New Moon - definitely not! (You can read my outlet about Bella and TayTay) But now I'd like to talk about my Spoiler free experience and why I was so damn glad I had the strength to do it - all the way!

To clarify:

I do love all your spoiler bunnies with all I have, so don't run away! Maybe you find it also interesting what I have to say ? :)

See, I think it's different seeing spoilers from a movie when you are not head over heels about the story and when you don't know the book behind the movie by heart. I mean we all read the Twilight books probably more than once. I stopped counting after the 5th time - Yes I read all of them 5 times, New Moon even more often. Let's take Avatar for instance : Here I watch the trailer without thinking about staying spoiler free. Why? Because I don't know the whole story behind and I won't compare anything with my knowledge of the book behind (Is there a book behind, I guess not..). Apart from that I won't probably see this movie as often as I saw Twilight and will see the other Twilight movies...

Wooohoo anyway! My point is: when I watch a trailer from a Twilight movie I instantly compare it to what I know from the book. Which scene is that? Is it the meadow scene? Is it this one, or that one?

Now I come to the most important thing ever: The trailer most of the times fools you!! They are mostly done when the movie is not finally cut and ready, so they take what they have and put together a trailer or a teaser. This bothers me most!


1) Twilight trailer - The scene with Emmet saying "She's not one of us" . Where the heck is it in the movie? Yes, this scene didn't make it in the movie. Emmet was banned in the Deleted scenes..

2) New Moon trailer: The scene with Bella facing Laurent - running away and screaming "Jake - Run!" Completely out of the context right? Two scenes mixed together to make a decent trailer. I.Don't.Like.This!

Second thing: The intonations and the pauses in the dialogues. Here we have to same problem, scenes are taking without knowing if those are the final scenes in the movie.


1) Twilight Trailer: "What if I'm not the hero.....(dramatic pause!!!!) What if I'm the bad guy?" You know, I've seen this Trailer a million times and this two sentences are burned into my brain - with the dramatic pause. But in the movie it comes out differently, no pause.

2) New Moon trailer: The Birthday party scene : "It's time it's time.... and there is a cake too!" Where is the cake in the movie? Yes it's there on the table but Alice doesn't mention it.

Does that seem fussy? Yes maybe but it bothers me , a lot! It really does!

Next thing are all the pictures which are floating around in the internet. I remember when they filmed the Reunion Scene in Italy and people afterwards put the pictures together. Awww , too fucking much for me!

Don't even mention the pictures from the set: Which scene are they filming there - And damn it I hope they get it right!!

Don't care - I trust them! Seeing set pictures might confuse you and again: I.Don't.Want.This!!!

Those are all examples why I personally like it better staying Spoiler free and be a complete virgin when I see the holy movie the first time. I love it!

Actually, I doesn't bother me anymore, I got used to it. In the beginning it was hard to remain pure. When the first trailers came out it was hard staying in Twitter because nearly everyone tweeted about it. Now, I don't freaking care anymore!

Same for blogs with spoilers, I know that there are a some blogs which often post spoilers and I just visits them when I'm sure it's a spoiler free post.

You know what helps? The Google Reader! The blogger Dashboard is shit for us Spoiler Purists because it always shows a thumbnail of the pictures inside - too risky! The Google Reader is much better, you just see the titles of the blogs you follow and most of the times you get already from the title if it's a spoiler post or not.

Best thing ever are the blogs which love us Spoiler Denier so much that they put a Spoiler warning in the title of each post and use the "read more" function so that we don't accidentally see things we don't want to see. One perfect example is The Danger Magnet! Wonderful, thank you Annie from the bottom of my heart for doing this!

See? We can exist side by side.

How was it in the end for me?

Well, I saw one New Moon trailer in the beginning, which was before I announced my Spoiler Purist live. ( I wish I wouldn't have seen it either, but anyhoodle) The others I didn't see and really, believe me when I'm saying I looooved seeing the movie completely free of expectations!

It was pure and it was epic!

And yes it is different, although you know the blot by heart but seeing it all put together in a movie is something else!

You might still say: But girl, once you saw the movie you will probably see it 100 times again. You are right, but all I have then in my mind is the movie - the pure movie, not any pictures from the set or weird trailer scenes. Just the epic purenes of a movie...

With that I want to ask you now:

How was it for you Spoiler Bunnys - did it bothered you in the end that you knew nearly the complete movie before? Or don't you care at all and enjoyed New Moon no matter what you knew before?

My Twipuirist girlies: How was your first impression when you saw the movie the very first time without knowing anything? Was it worth it?

One more question: Who is going Eclipse Pure with me and my girlies?

And for all of us I made Buttons some time ago to grab and put them on the sidebar, you can find them all on my Twispired Blog Design site!

Part one for the Twipure ones and Part two for the Spoiler Bunnys!

Go there and grab them, there are different ones, hope you like them!

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16 truly lovely comments..:

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

Spoiler Free for Eclipse!!!!! I agree with you about the New Moon trailer. When we first saw it we actually did a youtube video that anaylyzed and broke the whole thing down(mostly the three part splice with Laurent) I love you for making those buttons! Twipure!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Great post Mrs. V!

Well, for me, it's a different experience. I'm some where in between. I'm not one to look at photos of the set, etc.. but when the official trailer does come out, I'll view it. Preferably if it is on screen before a movie at the theater.

See, I love my books, but I also love movies. Like big time. And seeing a movie in the theater is just so fantastic as opposed to seeing it at home on DVD, which leads to my next point, the trailers before the movie.

This too, is also my favorite part. I've often cried from a really powerful trailer.. just because.. some are that good. Like Dear John. I can't see that trailer in the theater without tearing up and the song! I am in love with that song they chose. Now I want to see that movie, like really bad. So point is, for me, that the trailer played at the movies is just as important as the movie itself. Those trailers got me to see Sherlock Holmes (btw GREAT MOVIE) etc.. So I'm rambling and not making sense but apart of the whole hype in seeing a movie (separate from the book, which no movie can compare to the book) is the trailer and I love my trailers!

So kisses to you, and I promise not to say a word when I see the Eclipse official trailer. I pinky promise!

One Pushy Fox said...

Well, Mrs. V, you know I am a spoiler girl from my head down to my toes. I don't go searching for stuff, but I don't have a problem checking it out when it catches my eye on TCA or around the blogosphere.

I have to say, it was hard for me (no, not as hard as for you twi-pure girls, but still) when so many people went spoiler free for New Moon. There were moments when I wanted to squee with someone and I just had to wait (or harrass the bejebus out of UYP - which I did). And I'm SO EXCITED to find out about Eclipse.

I'm THRILLED to pieces about the trailer coming out soon. I am going to watch it about a zillion times!!!!!!!

That said, I love you guys for 1) being so into the movies that you want that fresh experience - that's just so cool and 2) for still loving us spoiler girls for the nosey little girls we are!

17foreverlisa said...

Great post, Mrs. V. By the time the movie came out, I'd viewed so many pictures and "leaked" scenes online that I felt like I had seen the movie, at least the key moments...birthday kiss, breakup, apparition, cliff diving, Italy reunion...not a coincidence they all feature Robward...that I felt like I had seen the whole movie. I'm with HG. I will definitely fall somewhere in between this time around. Can you make a button for us Tweeners? I will watch the official trailers. I'm a movie fanatic - love going to movies and watching movie trailers while I'm there. What I'm not going to do this time around is watch additional "leaked" scenes (seeing the entire breakup scene online made me almost physically ill; I want to experience that much power and emotion for the first time within the context of the movie). I don't mind the set pictures as much as I do the movie stills, so I hope to avoid those as much as possible. I put spoiler-alert tags in my titles and appreciate other blogs who do, too. I think we'll all be wiser this time around.


Bella said...

Haha, I guess I'm what you call a spoiler bunny. I love seeing trailers of movies because for me it's a different experience from the movie altogether. The music is often different, sometimes you get to see little scenes that don't make it to the end of the movie, and overall, it just makes me more excited to see the movie. That's what a good trailer should do!

CFTT said...

I am a complete spoiler bunny. I didn't feel like it ruined my experience at all, on the contrary, I think it was made a lot better because I knew so much about it. I knew nothing about the twilight movie when I watched it (i was a bit late to the twilight train) and everytime that something was changed it was like a slap on the face. One after another. I felt beat up and angry by the time it was done. With NM, by the time i went to watch it, i already knew what would be different. I had had time to accept it, rationalize it and come to terms with it. So when the discrepancies showed up on screen, I wasn't taken off guard and was better able to enjoy it, because I wasn't angry.
I hope this doesn't make me sound crazy (it's the fist time I comment here) It's just my little opinion

Alice said...

I'm a complete spoiler whore! I even read parts of the Eclipse script. I can enjoy the movie just as much. It's like haven seens part of the scenes makes me even more excited about the others. For it's like getting a gift certificate. Their is the initial surprise of getting the certificate and seeing what store it is from. and later there is even more fun when you go out to buy something with it. For me it's double the pleasure.

Alice said...

Myeah, my spelling called in sick today lol.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

OoOOOOO I'm super late to answer your girl and soorrrryyy for that! I enjoyed reading all your thoughts and I appreciate you all took your precious time to comment so thoughtful here!!

Love you!

Well, as I said I can totally understand why it's tempting to see all the spoilers out there and some of the things you said about seeing a trailer made me think...

In the end I think it's just how you get the most excitement out of this time we are in. Meaning if it increases the excitement by watching spoilers or just trailers- Yeah go for it, and enjoy every second.

If it's more exciting avoid everything and waiting for the big day - Yes so be it!

But I loved that we talked about it to see different kind of opinions on that subject!

Happy Pre-Ecplise time for all of us!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Well, first of all, Hi, Mrs. V. this is my first time on your blog, and already I feel the need to reply.

Before NM came out I only saw official trailers. I didn't go looking for spoilers, because, as most are aware by now, I HATE spoilers. However, since I read the books, I felt it necessary to view the official trailer, just to get a sense of what's going to await me once I enter that theater. I like being prepared. Now, with this being said, I'm definitely going to go spoiler free for Eclipse, and will only watch those trailers. I think this still qualifies as Twipure, so I'm gonna go and grab that button, if that's okay with you.

Laters, Mrs. V.

CFTT said...

So just the tip huh Jelena? =)

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

@CFTT - Hahahahaha... Good one. Maybe Mrs. V. should make that badge. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what you meant, though. Yeah, just the tip - enough to please me, while leaving my hyman intact. :D

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Girls, I always open for new Button ideas!! :)


17foreverlisa said...

@Mrs. V - In my previous comment I had suggested a button for us tweeners...not a twi-pure (will watch official trailers and official movie stills) and not very bad birl (will not be reading spoiler blog posts and watching online leaked footage)...and I think CFTT just came up with our slogan! Can you make a button that says something like "just the tip of eclipse"? Pretty please?


Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Lisa: Sure Thing this will be the next Button round! I hope I'll have time in the weekend!!

*giggles* Love you girls!!

17foreverlisa said...

@Mrs. V - Thanks!!!

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