Thursday, January 14

Twilight Artwork - giveaway !!!

This is something special today and I'm extremely excited about this! Some of you maybe know my Blog Design page and there I work with design kits from different designers to create a layout. One of them and truly my favorite is Kimla. I'm suer glad I met her because she is just wonderful and she creates so truly amazing kits!

Some weeks ago I asked her - maybe begged a bit- to create a Twilight kit, and guess what Kimla is a Twilight fan herself and said Yes, why not? This week she finally showed me her kit which launched today and I adore it! All those tiny details which only Twilight freaks like us see: the pillows the feathers, the forest - all is there!

Here you can see what I created with this kit. I couldn't resist and tried myself to scrape a page with the wonderful elements:

Bella's Lullaby page:

This one here is special: It's a desktop wallpaper and you You can download it from here. I have it as well on my computer and I love starring at it! Feel free to grab and take it:)

And I have one more special thing for you:

Kimla gave me 3 Coupons to giveaway for YOU.
Just leave a comment and
I'll pick 3 random winner on Sunday!
(either here or on my blogdesign page)

You can create wonderful things with it,
from Twitter backgrounds
FanFiction Banner
beautiful layouts to post on your blog!
Just never forget to credit Kimla!
All you need are simple Photo editing programs,
or for sure Photoshop if you have it.
Start today and create something beautiful, I'm sure you will have tons
of fun just like I have :)

Make sure to leave me a comment for the giveaway
and show Kimla some love because
she truly is such a wonderful person!
You will also find some gorgeous layout
which could inspire you.
And I can proudly say
also my page is featured in her post!

And if you want a blog designed with this kit,
go ahead and look

10 truly lovely comments..:

erikasbuddy said...

so pretty!! Can't wait to get on my lappy (because the hubz thinks the den compy should be num num free lol) to snag that awesome wallpaper.

Kimla is super talented!

One Pushy Fox said...

This is so sweet!!! You know I want in on this contest! Consider me signed up!

татьяна Yshko said...

Gorgeous kit! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Passion-love all that you can send this kit! they can convey a lot of feelings, all their faces! I'll be happy if I smile at fortune and I can play with him!

OliO said...

Such a beautiful kit! Stunning rich color! I have a dream to work with this kit! Thanks for the chance!

17foreverlisa said...

@One Pushy Fox - I'm changing your name to One Greedy Fox. Isn't your most recent post all about the contest you already won? LOL!!!

Mrs. V, I definitely want in this contest (*shoves One Pushy Fox out of the way*). You are so generous. This is a lovely post full of useful information. Thanks!


uhyesplease said...

Ooooh yes, sign me up!!!!

Call of Duty Widow said...

Wow, I fight has already started! I'm in, you know I'm always in! lol

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

ME ME ME!! I don't know what I would use it for but I plan on updating my FF Blog so why not use a free layout for it lol

itsjustme1217 said...

Very beautiful kit from Kimla and designs you made MrsV. As always.

cutie said...

Woooohooooo!!! I think I already entered on Twispired. But I just wanted to gaze at your lovely new blog layout. Love ya, Mrs. V. =)

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