Friday, January 29

Some Kindle and Beautiful Creatures Love !

Looookkkk at my new Love and toy! This week I got a Kindle and I am sooo freaking in love with it! I love reading book, tons of books and hubs always gets crazy when I pack our bags for holidays and I take at least 5 big books with me. So he asked if this wouldn't be something for me. The ones who know me a bit know about my passion for technical stuff and I said YES YES get me one!
Although one can buy it here in Germany it's still send from the US so FireCrotch (How I adore that woman...!) helped me to get one...

Apart from just getting it finally in my hands, I was excited because the first book I bought for it was Beautiful Creatures! I desperately wanted to read it since fragile and cutie started talking about this book and how wonderful and amazing it is. So I just decided to read it without even reading the Summary. This was the first book I'll ever read on my Kindle and I ever read without knowing anything apart from the fact that people I love like it...

I just started and I'm in the early third of the book and I love it! I won't post any spoilers here but Ethan is a cute boy and Lena is super intriguing.

What I find amazing is that at the moment writing stories from a certain POV is so popular. I barley read a book before which was written only from one POV but Twilight did it, The Host,
The Vampire Diaries (which are in fact much older than Twilight!), The Sookie books (which are also older than Twilight) and now Beautiful Creatures.

What is surprising was that here we have a guy's POV, we get into Ethans head and Lenas head remains mysterious. I think it was a good choice and I really like being in his mind:)

One thing you might need to know before getting into that story is: It is NOT Twilight, don't go and compare it is something else but so worth to read!

Fragile and her friend Greta were so excited about this book that they started a discussion on fragiles blog. We will discuss 4 chapters each week on Sunday and fragile and Greta will do a Recap of the comments Thursdays! Check out the Discussion Schedule here! It's still time to start reading it and be part of the discussion. I know how wonderful it is to do these kind of discussions it's amazing to read all the comments from the people and their interpretation.

Oh and.. *blushes* fragile asked me to write a part of the discussion and I was thrilled and so happy that she did and wanted me to be a part of this! My part will be posted end of next month, (I still need to get to the chapters I have to recap *giggles*)

So and no go and buy this book and read it! It will be worth it!

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My Twilife said...

I just got my book yesterday and I am so excited to start reading and join in fragile & Greta's discussion! I love doing stuff like this with my bloggy friends! I will have to check out these Kindle thingys! My birthday is next month so I need good ideas for the Hubs! :)

Anonymous said...
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Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

This book is on my list to read. Maybe I'll pick it up this weekend.

Mrs. V, I'm torn about the kindle. Something inside me rebels at the thought of not having a book in your hand, the smell of the pages, the dependency of technology. What if it breaks? This last weekend, I had my phone/PS3/and iPod all break. What I've learned is that most electronic objects seem to have a shelf life of maybe two years, and then that's it. Kaput..
So my fear and I know I'm rambling, is that I'll lose my investment if I rely on the Kindle. So.. does this mean, you won't buy real books anymore? Only E-books?

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Jess: I'm sure you will love the book, excited to hear what you think!

@HG: Well, you have a point when it breaks your books are gone, at least for the moment. But they are not gone forever, in your amazon account is everything stored so when your Kindle dies you will definitely get them back.
BUT you are right if you would decide to switch to another device - let's take the iPad - you can't transfer your Kindle books there.

For me, some books I really don't need to physically have in my hands. I will read them once and that's it. Only really good books are worth to read twice or even more like Twilight. Those I want to have also as a book.

Yes, the smell of a new book is something I will miss but I pay this prize for having the comfort of being able to store sooo many books at once and I really enjoy reading on it!

If you have any other questions, go ahead !


Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Hm, you've piqued my interest, Mrs.V. I too am a geek for technical stuff, so I started itching for a Kindle a while ago. But, I'm like HG, really torn on the idea. I love the smell of pages, turning them. Before fan fiction, I never used to read stories and books on my computer.

HungryVampire said...

Very cool about the Kindle. I wish I could get one. However, my next piece of technology will be a MacBook and possibly an iPhone... Not sure on the latter... DH is rethinking for me...

As for Beautiful Creatures, I will add this to my list of books to read. It is nice to have more to add!! Thank you.

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