Sunday, August 29

What makes this girl happy next week?

I have an incredible week ahead of me. Well, it would be even better if I wouldn't have to work, but I take what I get. Hubs already said that my productivity next week might drop dramatically - he might be right.

Ok first: I get CS5 next week and I'm freaking out over this.
CS5 you might ask?
WTF is this?

It's the newest Creative Suite version that includes the newest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver (and more) and... this is BIG! When I heard that I can get my hands on it, I was freaking out like a kid and promising myself to the guy who told me to get it for me. Well, I didn't do it literally, I guess hubs would have had something to say about this, but still I was clapping hands and dancing which was enough for embarrassment ......

I spend the next hour figuring out what this new version can do and Girls!
I'm in Photoshop Heaven!!
*insert angels music here*

Then, I get something all of you US girls won't be familiar with but I tell you anyway since it's my blog ... uhm ..Yees... US and German Television differs quite a bit, but I truly won't go into detail nobody is interested anyway. Let me just say, next week I get an new TV entertainment program that gives me tons of additional channels, and the ability to watch TV time shifted, and so on and on... Believe me, this is nothing that is common in Germany so I was squeeing ( *rolls eyes* ) again, when hubs told me he has it ordered!!
Can't wait to check it all out,
Ohhh the possibilities!!!

Next wonderment: I finally get my new Kindle!!!
double Wooooootttt!

uhm..., why the heck do I get a new Kindle? What happened to the old one?

Well, as soon as I read that there is a new Kindle coming out end of the August I made hubs selling my "old" Kindle at ebay. And, I was lucky enough to get enough money to buy me the new approved Kindle!!!!!

Friday night, I got the confirmation that it's been send and is supposed to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday! Although I have my beloved iPad and read the books there, I still miss my Kindle - badly! So please my precious little thing come to me, soooon!!!

Last but so not least: I might or might not get Crescendo next week!

Did you read hush,hush this awesome book we are discussing at cuties blog at the moment? The Book about Patch this incredible sexy bad boy aka Fallen Angel? No? But then, you should consider it, most definitely.

Anyhoodle, the sequel to hush,hush called Crescendo will be released in October and I'm so dying to read this effing book!!! Last week the Bookworms were contacted if we would like to review hush, hush and ... also crescendo. It took all my strength (plus pushy and Heather!!) not to write a totally psycho maniac answer back like:

" YEEESS, FREaking OUT, send it OVER like NoowwWW!"
I didn't .. which was probably a good thing to do...

Anyway, they were awesome enough to let pushy send a copy to me to Germany, because normally ARC's aren't send outside of the US. But pushy ( my looooveeely pushy) offered to sent the copy to me, so as soon as she get's it - and has time...- she sends this precious little book over to me! *squeee* *doublesqueeee*

The Cover alone looks like awesomeness!

So now have fun with my musical choice for this post!!
I listened to it while
writing this post, like... uhm.. often...

Well, I just figured that this posts let me sound like a total maniac, but who cares? I get Photoshop 5, T-Home, my new Kindle and Crescendo!

So yes, next week will most definitely be a good week! Unless tonights TB episode makes me again pissed... so this effing episode will better be good Mr. Ball.

Have a wonderful remaining Sunday!
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