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Why I'm so pissed with True Blood Episode 31...

...and I'm really pissed and I feel cheated! I do love Alan Ball for creating True Blood and for the cast and for making it one of the best shows ever! I've seen every episode out so far and I've seen Season 1 and 2 at least twice. Apart from that I read all the Sookie Stackhouse books from the lovely and talented Charlaine Harris. So I can consider myself a little mature fangirl.

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True Blood is undeniable different from the books, although they try to take the essence of the books and stay true to them. I don't mind the changes, no - not at all! I'm happy that all the secondary characters have so much more story and appearance than in the books. I'm happy that Lafayette didn't die at the end of Season 1, because Lafayette is an awesome funny and a great character. I love that Bill had to create Jessica since she's a great addition to the show!

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I waited anxiously for the start of Season 3 and I loved the first episodes! Russel is awesome and I laughed my ass of my ass of Franklin and Tara. How hilarious!!! I like the sidestory with Eric and learn more about his backstory. But hey, I do love everything about Eric....

Would you please come in Mr Northman?

Ok now, why I am so pissed at the last episode after I declared my love so clearly?

I'm talking about Episode 30 I got It Right Into The Blues. I was excited about to see this because I read the books and I knew (at least I thought I knew *frowns*) what was coming... As I said I don't need them to stick perfectly with the books, still it would be nice to let the importance scenes in... *frowns more*.

But after watching - I was and felt so freaking cheated! Sookie is at the King's house and needs to get out there and help Bill to escape. So far everything is right. Now comes the change..: Since Tara is also held hostage from Franklin ( *giggles*) in the same house, Tara drinks Franklins Blood to be strong enough to rescue herself and Sookie. Hu?!?!?!?!?!
Yes, it was Tara who helped Sookie to flee. Tara?!! What the Fuck?!!?! This is where I couldn't believe it ...

In Club Dead, the third book we have the same circumstances, Sookie is in Russels house and needs someone to help her to flee. But, it was ERIC.fucking.Northman who helped her and even more he gave her his blood so that she has enough strengh to flee and even rescue Bill. And *takes a deep breath* it was one of the hottest and sweetest scenes between Eric and Sookie so far.

I even looked it up in the book, just so that I didn't dream that:

Club Dead
Chapter 10
page 188 - 189

He carefully eased me up against him, my chest to his back, and wrapped his arms around me.(...) Then she starts drinking... (...) Eric moaned, and I could tell quickly that he was once again pleased to be in such close contact. (...) Eric pressed against me harder, and suddenly he said "Ohhhh" and relaxed all over.
I wanted to see this! Not Tara rescuing Sookie! I wanted to see Sookie drinking Eric's blood and him getting excited about this. I even think it was important to show how Eric feels about Sookie. Yeah , I know we get all his daydreams about her and his weird acting and pretending he doesn't care about her makes sense and doesn't really bother me. But I wanted to see THIS. I mean, obviously (if you follow the books) Eric and Sookie will get together. They cannot change that, or will they??? I'm afraid now.
I might overreact a bit, but really I felt really REALLY (like really really) cheated. I so badly wanted to see this interaction with Eric and Sookie and I didn't get it. *shakes head in frustration*

How is it for you?
Did you read the books and can feel my anger over this?
Or do you just watch the show and care more about *cough* Bill?

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