Thursday, July 8

Giveawayyyy Time! Win a Twilight Cafe Press Shirt...

Remember last year when Cafe Press giveaways spread around in Twilight Bloggyverse? After Eclipse finally hit the theaters and the excitement is still spreading it's time to do it again.

Truly, Eclipse is the best freaking movie of all of them! I'm so back on the track after I saw Eclipse. So let's express our love in wearing the freaking cool and cute T-Shirts Cafe Press is offering.

Wanna see mine?
Here is the cuteness:

It says: I left my heard in the meadow...
Isn't that cute? I know, it is!

Here are some of my favorite shirts I found while I searched for more than two hours to decide which one I want for myself. There are so many great ones, I had such a hard time deciding. It seems like I need more ... Honestly, I even had a hard time deciding which one to put into this post. *rolls eyes at self*

Here is my selection!

Wasn't the Tent scene incredible good?
Hottness good?
Freaking awesome?

Here we come! Make me a Newborn baby.
Besides, wasn't Riley just hot??

This is just so true!

I won't switch Teams but Jasper was AweSoMneSs in Eclipse

Second Jasper shirt, what's wrong with me..!?!!!
No, I still won't switch Teams!
I don't discriminate here and you can win a doggy shirt...

One of my all-time-favourite shirts!
Isle Esme! Let's prepare for Breaking Dawn!
(one and a half fucking years.. this is cruel!)

I hear you saying now: "Ok , I get it. There are tons of cool shirts. Now tell me already what I need to do to get one!"

Patience my girls,
let's admire the hottness that is Robward first:


Ok, Ok now back to the shirts: All you have to do is go to Cafe Press and look at their site to find Eclipse t-shirts and more Twilight themed merchandise at CafePress. Check out their cool stuff and then come back here and tell me (meaning link me) which Twilight shirt you'd love to win! Easy Peasy!
Oh and you get an extra entry for
  • being my beloved Follower
  • for becoming a new beloved Follower
  • for telling me which scene in Eclipse you love most! (If you haven't seen it yet, go and see it already!! It's awesome! But for the giveaway you can tell me your fav scene of the book.)
Contest runs until next Friday, July 15th!

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