Sunday, May 9

Oh how I have missed this...

You may ask about what the hell I'm talking about now.
I'll tell you.

But I have to go back first....

After I saw Twilight in the theaters I desperately waited for the DVD release and actually I counted the days until I finally have this DVD at home and can watch Twilight whenever I want, how often I want.

I've seen New Moon twice on the big screen, once with Betti at the Germany premiere and once alone in the original version.
That's it, twice.

But truth to be told, I've seen it three or four times afterwards at home... bad quality, german.. well, you know what I mean... (Yes I know it's not right, but it was New fucking Moon!! Don't judge me..) But, this is not the same...

I pre ordered the DVD rather late, mostly due to this whole confusion about which version has how many freaking and exciting extras. But, the choice here in Germany was easy - there was only one version with about 3 hours of Extra. So I pre ordered it as a good Fan.

The DVD came April 15th and I haven't seen New Moon for MONTH! So you'd assume the Anticipation was immense - like desperately immense.

Strangely it wasn't....

Although I hear the Soundtrack nearly every day when driving to work, or I hear the audiobooks ( atm I'm hearing New Moon again..) So it's not like I suddenly lost my TwiLove, no definitely not. I don't actually know what was up with me. I just didn't feel like watching...

April 15th came and so was the DVD delivered and I .. just brought it .. home. *shrugs* I mean yes, I was happy and all and I smiled at my DVD (which is kinda weird, smiling at a DVD but, oh well ...) but I didn't even unpack it.

Weeks passed and I didn't watch it.

Until today!

I have no fucking clue what was different today but all over sudden I felt like I desperately want to watch New Moon.

And Oh boy, I did!

And I not even watch New Moon, afterwards I watched the Extras and I'm not done yet and when I finished this post I go back and watch the rest.
But you know what the best thing was? It nearly felt like the first time I saw it, and this is incredible, It was so wonderful and truly truly what I needed! I won't go into detail again about me being always so damn close to cry but New Moon makes me cry nearly the whole movie!

Yes, you can laugh bit it's still true! If I wouldn't look so bad right now, I would show you my red eyes now to prove it, so you just have to believe me,

It felt so good! The movie went again right and straight into my heart. The most desperate scene




is for me still the best scene in the whole movie. It perfectly delivers and transports the emotions needed in that moment. The song just fits perfect!!

KStew's performance was awesome, TayTay was great and won my heart with this movie and Rob was just *sighs heavily* Rob, Robward, Edward...

All I want to say, I'm out of the New Moon numbness and now I'm right back to wait desperately for Eclipse.
To be back with the story that
won my heart so entirely like no story before and
probably none that will come later.

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