Friday, April 23

Let's celebrate!

Truly, I can't believe that this is happening so fast! Just 2 month ago I created this Book Blog together with my friends and now we celebrate our 100th Follower!

I mean seriously, this is huge! I never expected that our blog will attract so many readers in such a short amount of time! 2 month, go figure! Even more incredible is that we got 30 new Followers over one fucking night!?!?! It took nearly a year until we reached here 140 Follower, but this might be due to the fact that my lameness is hidden at the bookworms by the incredible wonderful people I run this blog with!

Ok, and yes I get that this enormous over night increase is simply due to this fantastic giveaway we are holding at this very moment. If you know me a bit, then you know that I'm a big sucker for giveaways, and I'm not talking about myself winning something (well yes, this is cool too!) but I love to give away stuff, I love to share and I love making people HapPy.

Take Christmas, I'm not just like a small kid when it comes to open my presents, but I also (if not more) love watching other people open their packages they get from me. I just love that, it makes me happy when I can make other people happy.

Since we saw that we soon reach our 100th Follower at the Bookworms, we started collecting stuff to give away and I searched on etsy like forever for lovely stuff to giveaway.

I adore etsy, looking at all those wonderful creative people who sell the prettiest things! I could spend all my money there... (I guess hubs is glad that I don't...).


You can all join the fun of our giveaway and we have 6 awesome prizes plus a Custom Blog Layout (from myself, just saying...). Among books, we also have sweet shiny sparkling things and lovely girly stuff, so I can proudly say that this giveaway is aweseomness!

So click the Button and join the Fun!
(you can see all our prices as thumbnails in the button!)

BB giveaway

I have to give a special shout-out to pushy, because she's always as excited about the Bookworms as I am and I truly TuLY LoVe her , like a lot!! Love you girl, and I can't wait to see you in June!

2 truly lovely comments..:

One Pushy Fox said...

I love you too!!!!!!!! And you know I love the BB blog!!! I'm a book-a-holic and the die was a huge winner!! *hugs*

SmuttierThanYou said...

Wow!! That's awesome! Congrats ya'll!

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