Sunday, April 11

Me is on vacations, Shout outs and Ramblings..

Imagine me now with sunglasses, a delicious cup of coffee and my cigarettes sitting outside in the sun with my beloved MacBook. That's exactly me right now while writing this.


Unfortunately this is only one week but I truly need this. But being in vacations doesn't mean I can't be online, in fact I would be so miserable without internet connection. I know other people switch off everything when being away from home, but I can't - I need this.

Anyway, I wanted to say Hi to you and shout out a few things.

First: As you may or may not have noticed I have a new badge on my sidebar. Yes I mean this one:


When you are a mobile lover just like me, meaning reading on your iPhone whenever you can (or other similar devices), then this button is just awesome for you. Because... *dramatic pause* it let's you easily read blogs on your mobile phone. Awesomeness!!!! Blogs, normally are not formatted to read mobile which is a pity if you ask me. Wordpress is much better for this, when reading a Wordpress blog it's immediately formatted also as a mobile version that makes is super easy to read posts. Blogger hasn't such a thing.

But! *again dramatic pause* we have TwilightCupcake who is also a sucker for mobile devices and figured out how to transform a Blogger Blog into a Mobile-Blogger blog.

Awesome hu?? Apart from that she also set up everything for me!!! OOoooooOOo all I had to do was a Badge for my blog and that's it! Honestly, she did that already two weeks ago and I'm such a bad friend that I never managed to write this freaking post here. I suck! Yes I do, because she did all the work ...

Ohhh annnnndddd she is such a super sweet person and I'm so happy I met her and I'm hoping that she's not too mad that it took me forever for this post. (read this girl? don't be mad, pleeeassse not! I'm super thankful you did all this for me!)

Ok, her dream is that manymany TwiBlogs will follow her example and set up a Mobile Blog so that we all can read the blogs on our iPhone while sitting in the train or waiting in a queue or sitting at the airport, or *cough* in class or ... you get the point!

Ok so Blogger people out there, visit Twilight Cupcake at
  • her TwiBlog, why? Because she's sweetness and awesome. The End!
  • at the Twi-Mobile Hombase, there you find all the information you need to set up a Mobile Blog for your Blogger Blog. She has a list of Blog's which have joined already and aFAQ site and everything. And you can always ask her!
Second topic I wanted to talk about (that goes along with the first topic... )

I told you already that I run this Bookblog with seven of my friends? The Bewitched Bookwormes? Yes? Ok , good! Because sweet TwilightCupcake also set up a mobile Blog for the Bookworms! You can find it on the left sidebar!


This Blog really won my heart.. *sniffles* Sometimes , spontaneous ideas are the best! Just like the Bookworms blog. Beginning of the year I felt this urge to talk more about the books I'm reading and asked my friends (who are crazy about books as much as I am) if they want to join my little project... The rest is history.

I have never ever imagined that this blog will get so many readers so fast. We are at 94 at this moment which warms my heart.

Oh and do you remember end of last year what I did when my lovely Vanquish baby here reached Follower number 100?? Yes I did a huge giveaway to celebrate this... That's all I'm saying now... *winks* *smiles* *winks again* (ok stop it, the people get it.. *rolls eyes*)

You...uhm... can join us.. if you want.. that ..would be.. yes.. LOVELY.. and such and I would be .. thankful and ... such.. Uhmm .. yes.. you can click below to .... join us?

Bewitched Bookworms

Third: I wanted to remind you of my collection of Twilight stories. Noo! I'm not talking about FanFiction, I'm talking about Your very own Twilight Story!!
I will feature every week some TwiStories from you! It is soo much fun reading your stories and thinking back about how it all begun and how we found each other in the end... Cheeesy happily ever after...

So my first round was posted last Saturday and with cuties, fragiles and FireCrotch's story.

Right now, I have some emails with stories for the next post, which will be posted Next Saturday. So this will be a Saturday feature on my blog, only interrupted by vacations (like right now), earthquakes (not very likely in Germany), things-the-author-of-this-blog-cannot-foresee-at-the-moment or the simply lack of stories.
The last point you, my dear readers - followers -lurkers can prevent by simply mailing me your Story!!

Gosh, my battery is running low so I have to get to the end.... it's about time, otherwise I would go on rambling and bore you to death...

With that I close now this very long rambling post, get my Kindle lay back in the sun and read!

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Annie Cristina said...

Ooh, I didn't know you could make blogs mobile-friendly. I'll have to look into that, thanks! :)

I hope you have an awesome, wonderful, spectacular vacation! You deserve it.

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