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My Recap of the last weeks before New Moon!!

I can’t believe I’m sitting here November, 20 and write a post. I mean, time passed by so fast that it feels unreal a bit. While the most of you are out and see New Moon just now I go and think back....

I started blogging June this year that is now 5 month ago, which I can’t believe at all - 5 month ??? Wow! It was the time they started filming New Moon and I was a News Junkie. Every day I spend hours my time looking around for the newest pictures, just to get a tiny glimpse at Rob and the cast.

I remember perfectly the MTV Movie Awards where I stayed up all night to watch them live, which was 5am here in Germany. I was so excited to see the first trailer. I mean really, my pulse quickened! I was close to screaming when it finally started. I will never forget this moment. (Just saying: but isn’t it a weee bit strange to say something like this about a trailer… hu?)

Soon later all this spoiler thing became too much, some things I just didn’t want to see before I see it on a big screen. I talked about this here, yes, you can read it – I will wait for you here!

The first weeks have been hard, really fucking hard. Twitter? Blog? I need more self-control than ever. But I managed! It ‘s like when you quit smoking, the first weeks are the worst. (Although I can’t tell this out of experience because I never tried to quit myself …OooOOO)

It was time to decide where to go and see New Moon; I mean that is an obvious question and a very important one. I realized that the premiere date for Germany was January 07. WTF??!?!?!? Uhhhhmmm, no problem I take BFF and we fly to the states. There is nooo fucking way I gonna see it that late!

During this planning period I became very close to my Twinacè Betti ( oh you can read everything about her proposal here, it was very romantic..) and I just asked her to come with me! But yeah this marvelous plan failed. Read this pathetic post here. I was in such a shitty mood. Fortunately, they changed the release date to November, 26 with an early premiere on November, 22 (which is in fucking 2 days…. O M E )

Around this time Betti and me decided that she will come to Munich , having a great time and then finally watch New Moon together. Wonderful!! What could be better than watching this movie with someone as Twirazy as yourself? Nothing!?!

Yes my BFF will come with us, but she is far from being a Twihard. Far far away…

But yes, first we have to get the tickets.. Uhmmm, this could be the most important point in the planning. Ok I figured out (… Thanks soo much Kay for telling me that , are you still around and read my stuff? waves I hope you are….) that the selling for those tickets starts October, 17 midnight! I will be there in the Internet ready to click and buy those tickets!

Time passed by… and finally we had October, 17 :

11:30pm open the Internet page

11:35pm Tell MrV to sit down on his computer as a “back-up” (rolls eyes at myself..)

11:50pm Smoking nervously the last cigarette

11:55pm Tell Betti that soon I have the tickets

11:59pm Ready to click…

Midnight: Ok, breath – find New Moon in the list check, go to “buy tickets” check select the amount of tickets …uhmmmm?!??! no check???!??!! Something happened, and it was so predictable: The severs completely crashed down. Apparently, I was not the only one who wanted to have this damn tickets!

To make this short because it was a freaking nightmare: Betti, MrV and me stayed awake until 3am and tried every shitty minute of those 3 hours to get the freaking tickets.

And Yes you read it right MrV stayed up with us and gave his best, isn’t that lovely wonderful and everything? I love him. Period!

3am: Go to bed, since there is no way to get through this Internet crash.

7am: wake up after a not so good night and try again to get those freaking tickets.

7.15am: Sever are still suppppperrrr slOoooOow but…..

8am: I finally managed: I HAVE 4 fucking NEW MOON tickets!!!* dances around* freakingout… Ok, those are probably the worst seats ever – cough 2nd row. But who cares??? We gonna seee NM November, 22 !!!!

And then MrV did something extraordinary sweet: He went to the cinema and tried to get better tickets for us!! How ssswweeeeet! And he managed to get tickets for another screen, because they realized how many people would like to see New Moon * rolls eyes* and decided to open a new screen… Wasn’t that predictable?? Anyway, he got the first and best seats in the 2nd screen for us!!! Love him, even more for this!

Have a look at MrV's back; I especially love his butt:

Now, we have November 20 – and most of you have already seen it and I’m sooo excited. But the best thing besides that is, that tomorrow my Bestie lovely Twiance Betti will arrive at Munich airport and we will fall into each other’s arms and hug tightly. Should I bring a Rose for her to the airport? Wouldn’t that be appropriate? At least I have some presents for her, and I guess those will make her smile and probably giggle.

It was a long way to get here, but we finally arrived : New Moon is just two days away from me and my love Betti only one day.

I love you all and see you the next days!

Happy New Moon!!

Ohh and this I gonna wear at the Premiere and tomorrow at the airport so that Betti is able to find me ....

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Kay said...

Hey there Mrs V.! ::waves back:: I'm glad you eventually got great tickets. So, are you seeing the movie auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch?? I am sooooo thankful that Berlin has a Cinestar where they show the original version of movies (so, English). My German isn't good enough to get me through a movie!

I'm seeing it on the 26th with friends and then on the 28th with the boyfriend. I'm extremely excited! I hope you have a wonderful time on Sunday!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Hey Kay!!! Good that you are still around :))

We gonna see it in German, I didn't found tickets for the 22. in English unfortunately. But I have already tickets for Wednesday, 25 in english.

I just wanted to make sure to see it on the 22, where they also show Twilight just before New Moon. I'm so excited!

So I see you are living in Germany but you're not German?

Glad you have tickets for the 26th you gonna have so much fun!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Nnnnnnggggg.... bbbllrfffff.... tomorrow!!!!!!! Freaking effing fucking tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Kay said...

Hehe, yep, I'm in Germany but I'm not German. Sshhhh, don't tell anyone, they might find me :::looks around suspiciously:::

I'm British, English, whichever. My boyfriend is German, hence here we are in Berlin :) If they hadn't changed the German release from January to November, I would have just flown back home to watch it!

I wonder if there will be a delay again with Eclipse?

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Ohh I think nobody will find you here, don't worry!

I haven't heard something about Eclipse but I'm sure they won't make the same mistake again. I pray for the same release date like everywhere in the world. With Harry Potter they also managed so I don't see the point in the delay honestly!

uhyesplease said...

Oh - I remember when you first started blogging! Cutie sent me here and thought you were adorable - and my, look how you have grown! And I'm so happy that our friendship has grown as well. :) *hugs*

It was so weird to see the movie w/o my twifriends last night. My poor BFF probably thought I was nuts, because I talked about you guys all night.

Eclipse next year will be perfect - it's just not right not seeing this movie all together!!! I can't wait for Chicago!!!!!

PS - I like you hubby's butt too. :) Just sayin'! And he was so sweet to help out like he did...not sure mine would have done that for me. :)

Alice said...

I hope you had a wonderful time! But I don't doubt it. Can we expect a New Moon review anytime soom? XoXo

Mrs. Vanquish said...

But for sure, Alice! :)) We just need some time to get out of the New Moon coma *giggles*

Anonymous said...

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