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The Book vs. Movie Discussion Pt.4

Before we start I have to apologize for this cruel delay. We had to deal with some stuff, so there was no way to deliver this earlier. My beloved Twiance Betti was sick and still is, but this was just one part of the problem. I was the other one, I had tons of stuff to do at work and then I was out of town for some time. Anyway, please please forgive us and please read our last part of the Twilight vs. Book discussion! I love you all!

The "Book vs. Movie" Discussion (Pt.4)

There we are again fort he last part of the movie, and this will going to be pretty intense.

You brought a snack!

MrsV: Let’s begin wit the appearance of the Nomads’. I found it pretty cool how the showed up at the scene and stopped right in front of our Cullen’s.

Fanny: Yep, they looked like rockstars!

MrsV: Carlisle shows here the real patriarch. “This is my family”. But Victoria really rocked by saying “I’m the one with the wicked curve ball” and I love how Jasper answered “Oh I think we can handle that” – great! Then James recognized Bella as a human and said * You brought a snack” - I love that line! But it’s really awkward when now all the Cullen’s try to look threatening. I mean, in the book it is always described as something like a wild cat ready to fight, but for me it just looked awkward.

Fanny: Just what I thought! You know what? I think it's because of the costumes they're wearing. They're just not cool, they look like a bunch of schoolkids.These baseball outfits? And Emmett in violet velvet plushy whatever thing?

And Edward just crouches... somehow... while James does this A1 martial arts wide stance. Wow!

But I liked that all the Cullens built a frontline while Esme stays behind, protecting Bella – did you notice that? In fact, they were very thoughtfully choreographed. But the silly outfits ruined it.Anyway... I made a bird view diagram to show the Cullen fight formation.

MrsV: Anyway, Edward takes Bella to the car and they run away. Fine. But, really someone enlighten me please, why the heck does Bella says. “No is no one going after me anymore” I mean, this is somehow totally taken out of context. She doesn’t know what the problem is at the time she says this line… I find it really wired but maybe it is just my English.

Fanny: I didn't get that either.

To do what..??

MrsV: This is a scene where I cry every time I see it, the way Bella treated Charlie was so heartbreaking sad. He is so sweet and has no clue what is going on and she is so mean. I know she has to, but still… sniffles “ To do what? Watch Baseball on the flat screen? This is you, not me”

Fanny: Oh... and: 'Bella, I just got you back!' Charlie didn't say that in the book. But it broke my heart in the movie.

MrsV: I like however Edward jumping into the truck and how he says “Your father is gonna forgive you”.

Fanny: Yeah... that was cool. I was wondering about the brand of hairgel he uses. I mean, hey, full speed airstream and he climbes into the car and every single streak is in its place. Must be really great stuff.

MrsV: Then they meet Laurent at the Cullen house and we hear again something what was supposed to be a growl but here rather sound like a snake?

Fanny: I think it was supposed to be a hiss?

MrsV: What is totally missing was this sweetness dialogue: Laurent: “ is she worth it?” and Jasper afterwards whispers to Bella “ You are”. But they never really focused on the secondary characters.

When we are finally in the garage Edward asks Rose to help, bitchy Rose says “What is she to me?” Carlisle answers: “Bella belongs to Edward, she is part of the family now and we protect our family” swoon. Awesome!! Go Carlisle, put her in her place!! Love that!

Fanny: U-huh... I won't say anything about Rosalie's bum here. No, I won't...

MrsV:Alice takes Bella and after one final look into each other’s eyes, Edward says “You are my life now” Woot, thanks for this quote, and then they drive away…

Fanny: Oh, he looked so lost, there alone in the garage, when the cars have left.I actually like their farewell in the book more, when they said nothing but Edward hugged Bella fiercly and kissed her and woosh and gone!

MrsV: Here now is something I really really missed: In the book Alice is on the back seat with Bella holds her in her arms and Bella cries. In the movie, Alice is in front with Jasper but this was an important scene to show the depth of their friendship why did they change that?? I missed that!

Fanny: Oh, there's a lot missing about Bella's and Alice's friendship. In the book, Alice told Bella everything about how Vampires were made and such, that would have made an awesome scene, look:

But well... like you said, they didn't deal very carefully with the other characters.

MrsV: Woot, anyway, let’s go into the hotel and seeing Alice’s visions, which was fine just like they showed and also we got some Jasper, Yippee finally he was allowed to say something… The things really rush now and at the same time we see Edward, Emmet and Rose running to keep James away from Bella, suddenly he realizes his mistake and turns around. So far so good.

James calls Bella: In the book it was great, specially how Bella described James voice: Just like out of a exclusive car commercial, awesome. In the movie they shortened the dialogue quite a bit but what was really disturbing was the fact the as soon as Bella hung up, she directly went outside the hotel into a taxi.

Fanny: I actually liked the way they shortened that. I was eager to go to the ballet studio.

MrsV: Ok, I know you are dying to discuss this, but how could have Alice NOT seen that???

Fanny: Holy shit!! Yes!

MrsV: I think I read this discussion on many other blogs already but I’m still not sure. Bella took a decision, and directly went outside. I think it was even more confusing in the book, because there was a night between the call and then Bella’s escape at the airport. In the movie one could at least argue that there wasn’t enough time for Alice to see that. And she was busy keeping an eye on Jasper since there were both at the reception from the hotel surrounded by so many humans. In the book it made not so much sense for me.

Tell him, tell him to revenge you!!

MrsV: Anyway, Bella went to the Ballet studio and the fight begins. It was really well done I would say, especially that we GOT a fight and not just had an unconscious Bella how didn’t know what was going on. James hits Bella and so on and on, but the best was when Edward came through the window!!! Woot! Totally in rage and how sweet was his glance when he looked at Bella trying to apologize? You really see the apologize in his eyes, so freaking lovely!

Fanny: Oh my god... I press pause everytime I watch the dvd, just to look at his lovely face! *swoons*

MrsV: Bam, Boom, Crush!

Edward totally fury bits James (…uhm lool, I always see the shit cheese instead of James’ skin since I saw the “making off”. giggles) anyway, Carlisle comes to stop Edward: “Son, remember who you are” swoooon. Love Carlisle there! love him!

Alice is with Bella but Why the Fuck does Alice hold her bloody hand to her nose?

Fanny: Oh, I guess that was just instinctively... don't blame our loverly Alice!

MrsV: Naa, I won’t you know I love her too, but still… *shakes head *. Carlisle and Edward are taking care of Bella while Alice rips James head of – nice!

Fanny: Yeah! *pumps fist*

MrsV: I love how desperately in pain Edward seems. “It’s the venom” Carlisle tells Edward to suck I off.

Fanny: Oh, and when he shouted: “Carliiiisle!”

MrsV: “I won’t be able to stop” Godohgod, my pulse quickens!

Edward starts sucking out the venom and we see a flashback from Bella, and this together with Rob’s song “Let me sigh” makes this scene super intense and yes, - Hello WIME!!- I cry again!

Fanny: Me too... oh god! *clings to MrsV's arm in a death grip* This is almost too much... oh god...

MrsV: *holds Fanny tightly …. “find the will” Sorry I am rambling, but ..OooOooOO this scene!!

Fanny: OooOooooo....

MrsV: And I know that Betti cries when she hears this song as well, right?

Fanny: Like a baby!!! Everytime.! Psst... I secretly made a drawing of Betti when she watched the dvd last time *giggles* Look:

The guy in the background is her hubs *cackles*

MrsV: Ohh, Fanny you shouldn’t have ..done… this… Oh god what will Betti say when she sees that ??

So Edward found the will and Bella’s in the hospital. Don’t want to get into Renee right know and focus on Edward. I think this scene was pretty close to the book and I really loved how Kristen showed her fear about loosing Edward.

Fanny: Oh yes. Oh God, his face is so sincere when he speaks to her. Oh my sweet tortured Edward!

MrsV: “Where else …. “ sigh , followed by a super sweet kiss. I found the scene really lovely! Ohhgod, we are coming to the end.. I don’t want it to end…

Fanny: Neither do I! Oh Mrs,V – I love you so much and soon we'll have to part...

MrsV: What am I supposed you do when you are gone?? I will miss you sooo freaking much, you have no clue how much I love you … wipes away a tear

“You look perfect!”

Fanny: Oh, just “Perfect.”

MrsV: Upps, Ok but: Well, I have to disagree! Where the fuck did they found this dress???

Fanny: Uhm, she said, Alice lend it to her...

MrsV: Not to mention the jacket she had. Oh wait, yes the jacket they might have found deep down in some grandma’s closet. Really, the leggings and the chucks were Kristen-like, not Bella! I might be OK with this but the dress and the jacket are a no-go! But how sweet was Edward looking so lovely at Bella when he says “Perfect” swooooon And giggles Charlie again: “I put a new pepper spray in your bag” … Hmm.. When talking about Charlie and Pepper Spray… this reminds me of something from the last discussion …

Prom…*sigh* The End

Fanny: Ohgodohgodohgod...

MrsV: Jacob at the Prom, yes he also was at the prom in the book, but there he danced with Bella, I’m fine with that. He delivered the lines he had to say and went. What I really missed was that none of the Cullen’s have been at the Prom! Why??? Why did they change that?

Fanny: Pffff... why did they leave out Jasper's special skills, why did they leave out half of Bella's and Alice's friendship, why did they... fuck! They just were not so much into the supporting characters.

MrsV:I always pictured this scene in my head: Jasper dancing with Alice and Rose dancing with Em all looking wonderful in beautiful dresses. Why!??!! I’m mad!

Fanny: Uhh... calm down. We're almost done!

MrsV: Lalala, some dancing and smiling from the third characters and then swoon Bella and Edward dancing in the Pavilion. Which I found a perfect ending scenery, much better than just sitting somewhere. The final kiss was wonderful!

No more words to add. And with this final lovely kiss I want to end this discussion… which makes me unbelievable sad! But, we still have next week for some random stuff

Fanny: Mrs.V – I thank you so much for having me over. I swear, I had the time of my life!!!

Can I hug you one more time? OoooOOooooo... maybe I can come back some time???

MrsV: come Sweetheart *hugs Fanny tightly* , I had such a great time with you too. And for damn sure you have to come back!!! *wispers* maybe we do a NewMoon discussion ? This would be wonderful!!!

To all our lovely readers and commenters: Take your pen, or your computer for the last part of this discussion.

8 truly lovely comments..:

i wear alice cullen pjs said...

great work !!!!!!!! 1. let me sign was perfect song at that moment... it makes for my #1 moment in the movie besides robs face while sucking her blood????

2. any one notice the tv in the background when bella wakes up in the hospital??? its playing the previous scene her flash back lol

i wear alice cullen pjs said...

also if any one is interested why was victoria at the prom couldn't edward smell her or read her thougths?

itsjustme said...

Great post! Rob's music is what started all this for me. I agree with everything written here. I just have one thing to add. I alays thought that Alice smelled Bella's blood b/c she was smelling the venom in it. *shrugs shoulders*

Call of Duty Widow said...

Rob's song really set the tone for the venom sucking scene. And I always expected Alice to start licking her hand when she had Bella's blood on it.

I didn't notice the tv in the background of the hospital scene but Kristen's oxygen nose thing moves around on her face everytime they cut to her.

I don't know why Edward didn't realize Victoria was there, poor writing on scriptwriter's part? In the books he would have totally known she was there.

Fanny, love the pics, awesome as usual. Betti's husband doesn't like it when she cries during that part, does he?

I always say dumbass during the gazebo scene when Edward asks if Bella wants to be turned now. Um, Hello! Bella knows how to be turned and that it hurts like a SOB. Yeah, he's going to bite you in public and just carry you away all limp. Idiot!

My final thoughts on the whole movie vs book: To make the movie even a tenth as good as the books, the run time would have to have been about 4 hours long. We missed out on Edward and Bella getting to know each other, Bella's relationship with Alice and the rest of the Cullens, Bella's relationship with Charlie.

I think they made Bella too much like real life Kristen and not enough like book Bella.

All in all, tolerable movie, super fantastic book, and one kick ass series of discussions. Bring on the New Moon discussion baby!

bierbeck said...

Hi ladies, sorry I am so late in commenting. It is sad that I am going to have to start organizing and prioritizing my twilight/twitter/blog/ff stuff!

Anyway, Yes I loved the way the nomads are introduced. They look very badass. I love Rachelle (we will miss you so much in Eclipse, sniff, sniff). I agree with Fanny that the Cullen outfits are stupid. Especially Emmett's. That velour thing sucks! Rosalie and Esme look stupid in their hats. That could have looked so much cooler.
I love Carlisle in this scene as well.

i think the whole ending gets a little rushed. I agree, i miss the Bella/Alice relationship.

Ballet Studio- I love Rob with all my heart, but seeing him in action scenes is not my favorite. And when he yells "Carlisle" it makes me cringe.

Prom- I liked Bella's dress ok but I hated the little jacket/sweater thing. It totally ruins it. I love their dance and kiss at the end of course.

thank you girls for the lovely discussion- this has been so much fun!

Alice said...

I just want to congratulate you on the whole discussion! It was really great and I loved how you catched all the details. Plus all those little pictures are drawings are totally cute!

About this part, you know I have a soft spot for fashion, so I'm going straight to the prom dress. Who the crap wears leggings under a prom dress? And what happened to the 4 inch heels? I would have loved to see Edward's positively surprised face when seeing a sexy Bella. Now he just looked at her lovingly, although we all know he was thinking "Was it really too much to ask to shave your legs to go to prom with me?". Just thinking the look he could have given us had she thrown out the legging and worn a sexy halter dress and stiletto's *sigh*.

i wear alice cullen pjs said...

hey i forgot to mention any one notice that the nomads are wearing the old mans clothes after they kill victoria takes his green t shirt and james takes his jacket. take a look when he is on his boat then when there are walking to the baseball scene :)

uhyesplease said...

OK - this is as short but sweet post.

First - this discussion was EPIC! I loved loved loved it! And I love you both, Mrs. V and Fanny. i'm so glad Fanny is feeling better and Mrs. V is home. As for your big meeting this weekend, I so wish I could be a fly on the wall!

OK. Here's goes nothing:
The nomads - awesome. I forget tho that SM didn't make James attractive in the book. However, despite the horrible wig, Cam was HOOOOOOOOOT. I have a soft spot for James, esp any FF James...*sigh* And they were such rock stars - i loved how they kept it more 'earthy'. they totally could have gone with typical black leather and studs or something, but didn't. I liked that.

Did you guys notice in the garage that Esme is never actually there. That was kinda weird to me. Could they not keep a stand in there the whole time? Edward throws a coat to Rose and then out to space. Weird.

Also, did anyone catch that he TOTALLY mouths, "I love you" right before they pull away. Cause he does. TOTALLY!!! *puddle* Oh, Robward, you are my life now too.

I do miss Alice and Bella in the back seat, but like the sweet moment where Jalice hold hands.

I was ok with her not telling bella all the vamp stuff. I liked how Edward did earlier in the movie.

The ballet scene was great! if only they had taken the care of that scene for the rest of the movie. I know they shot it first, and they seemed to 'blow their load' right at the beginning. Oh well. I still laugh thinking how Rob pulled his groin trying to pick up 90 lb Kristen. Oh well!

and the venom part....soooo good, even his weird face. I love how he grips her arm too.

Tho again, i step back. What an awkward scene to film tho - how did they not crack up since it's so ridiculous. And the song and flashback scenes....i loved it.

I'm skipping the hospital scene - it was my least favorite part. ugh.

Prom - rules. weird about adding Victoria in and why the hell weren't the other cullens there? i don't get that AT ALL!

And yes, Bella's dress and leggings and stupid shoe = fail.

Pst - i love the Jacob scene and laugh every time when E says, "I leave you for one minute, and the wolves descend." Dum Dum Duuuuuuum.

And the kissy scene....I hold my breath the whole time he goes to her neck and i think in my head, "I wish it was me, I wish it was me, I wish it was me.....aagghghhhhhhh" Dead.

So good, and I'm sooooo excited to see Twilight in the theatre tonite and then New Moon!! It's here! It's here!!!

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