Monday, September 13

Pleasy Cheesy !

You know why I love Twilight so much? It's because the love story is so unbelievable beautiful. The Story let's you escape reality and dive into a dream world. *big sigh* Most of you know how incredible emotional I am and I cry at the tiniest hind of sweetness or tragic. Seriously, if I see something unbelievable sweet, my eyes start to water! Like, I cry every time I hear Bellas speech at the end of Eclipse! I do! Many things can trigger my tears to water and I love to read books that can do that, and I love movies that do that - a lot! 

Anyhoodle,I was sick last week, nothing big just a cold that made me stay in bed or cuddle on the couch. I had this urgent longing for romance, cheesy heartbreaking romance. I could have watched Twilight again, but I did a Twilight session the week before and I think I know all three movies right now by heart, so I needed something where I don't know any line already. So I searched my Video on Demand and found exactly what I needed, and I found the epitome of cheese!

I started with - do you all sit? - "High School Musical 3"!!! Yes, shoot me now and yes you are very welcome to laugh! But it was fun, and I'm open and honest enough to admit that I liked it! It was definitely cheesy but so sweet! And, you can say whatever you want but Zac Effron is hot. There, I said it. He's young (way too young) but I cannot deny that he looks cute, period!

Aren't the cute? 

After I was already in the mood, I watched "The Prince and Me", basically a typical story about a prince that fals in love with a normal girl! Sweetness! Besides, the Prince was called Edward - Thank you very much!

Well, I'm not yet done, two more cheesy pieces to come. Next in line was "A Cinderella Story", which was basically exactly a Cinderella Story placed in High School and modern times. Perfectly cliche and cheesy!!

gimme a good kiss! 
My last piece of the cheesecake was "The Last Song" based on a Novel from Nicolas Sparks and this one made me cry the whole last third part of the movie. It was heartbreaking and romantic.
Taken together it was a day curled up on my couch with tons of hot coffee and tea and full of love and romance. It was a perfect day to escape reality and daydreaming and I hated it when the day was over and I ad to face reality again. But, once in a while I need that. I need heartbreak and tears and the perfect happily ever after and all of those movies above had exactly that. Truth, none of them are epic movies but all of them were sweet and lovely, and I have no shame to admit this!

This was basically like reading the whole day, which I love to do as well. But, watching a movie is like reading a book fast forward. Nothing can compete with a good book, truly not but once in a while seeing love on a screen is just as sweet as reading about it. Well, and some of the guys in those movies above a eye-candys which didn't hurt at all.

So girlies, you can be honest here - we are among ourselves ...
do you also love a cheesy movie
are such movies way too cheesy
do you find such movies just and simply bad ?

And, do you have good recommendations for me for my next cheesy movie session? 
I'm open, to suggestions!

Oh and yes, you can also tell me how bad my movie taste it! 
I can take it! :)

Sunday, August 29

What makes this girl happy next week?

I have an incredible week ahead of me. Well, it would be even better if I wouldn't have to work, but I take what I get. Hubs already said that my productivity next week might drop dramatically - he might be right.

Ok first: I get CS5 next week and I'm freaking out over this.
CS5 you might ask?
WTF is this?

It's the newest Creative Suite version that includes the newest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver (and more) and... this is BIG! When I heard that I can get my hands on it, I was freaking out like a kid and promising myself to the guy who told me to get it for me. Well, I didn't do it literally, I guess hubs would have had something to say about this, but still I was clapping hands and dancing which was enough for embarrassment ......

I spend the next hour figuring out what this new version can do and Girls!
I'm in Photoshop Heaven!!
*insert angels music here*

Then, I get something all of you US girls won't be familiar with but I tell you anyway since it's my blog ... uhm ..Yees... US and German Television differs quite a bit, but I truly won't go into detail nobody is interested anyway. Let me just say, next week I get an new TV entertainment program that gives me tons of additional channels, and the ability to watch TV time shifted, and so on and on... Believe me, this is nothing that is common in Germany so I was squeeing ( *rolls eyes* ) again, when hubs told me he has it ordered!!
Can't wait to check it all out,
Ohhh the possibilities!!!

Next wonderment: I finally get my new Kindle!!!
double Wooooootttt!

uhm..., why the heck do I get a new Kindle? What happened to the old one?

Well, as soon as I read that there is a new Kindle coming out end of the August I made hubs selling my "old" Kindle at ebay. And, I was lucky enough to get enough money to buy me the new approved Kindle!!!!!

Friday night, I got the confirmation that it's been send and is supposed to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday! Although I have my beloved iPad and read the books there, I still miss my Kindle - badly! So please my precious little thing come to me, soooon!!!

Last but so not least: I might or might not get Crescendo next week!

Did you read hush,hush this awesome book we are discussing at cuties blog at the moment? The Book about Patch this incredible sexy bad boy aka Fallen Angel? No? But then, you should consider it, most definitely.

Anyhoodle, the sequel to hush,hush called Crescendo will be released in October and I'm so dying to read this effing book!!! Last week the Bookworms were contacted if we would like to review hush, hush and ... also crescendo. It took all my strength (plus pushy and Heather!!) not to write a totally psycho maniac answer back like:

" YEEESS, FREaking OUT, send it OVER like NoowwWW!"
I didn't .. which was probably a good thing to do...

Anyway, they were awesome enough to let pushy send a copy to me to Germany, because normally ARC's aren't send outside of the US. But pushy ( my looooveeely pushy) offered to sent the copy to me, so as soon as she get's it - and has time...- she sends this precious little book over to me! *squeee* *doublesqueeee*

The Cover alone looks like awesomeness!

So now have fun with my musical choice for this post!!
I listened to it while
writing this post, like... uhm.. often...

Well, I just figured that this posts let me sound like a total maniac, but who cares? I get Photoshop 5, T-Home, my new Kindle and Crescendo!

So yes, next week will most definitely be a good week! Unless tonights TB episode makes me again pissed... so this effing episode will better be good Mr. Ball.

Have a wonderful remaining Sunday!

Wednesday, July 28

Why I'm so pissed with True Blood Episode 31...

...and I'm really pissed and I feel cheated! I do love Alan Ball for creating True Blood and for the cast and for making it one of the best shows ever! I've seen every episode out so far and I've seen Season 1 and 2 at least twice. Apart from that I read all the Sookie Stackhouse books from the lovely and talented Charlaine Harris. So I can consider myself a little mature fangirl.

I adore adore AdOre! This poster,
I would love to hang it in my office but ..
well my workmates are just lame!
So I have at as Desktop background and on my iPad.

True Blood is undeniable different from the books, although they try to take the essence of the books and stay true to them. I don't mind the changes, no - not at all! I'm happy that all the secondary characters have so much more story and appearance than in the books. I'm happy that Lafayette didn't die at the end of Season 1, because Lafayette is an awesome funny and a great character. I love that Bill had to create Jessica since she's a great addition to the show!

this just serves the
purpose to pretty up my post...

I waited anxiously for the start of Season 3 and I loved the first episodes! Russel is awesome and I laughed my ass of my ass of Franklin and Tara. How hilarious!!! I like the sidestory with Eric and learn more about his backstory. But hey, I do love everything about Eric....

Would you please come in Mr Northman?

Ok now, why I am so pissed at the last episode after I declared my love so clearly?

I'm talking about Episode 30 I got It Right Into The Blues. I was excited about to see this because I read the books and I knew (at least I thought I knew *frowns*) what was coming... As I said I don't need them to stick perfectly with the books, still it would be nice to let the importance scenes in... *frowns more*.

But after watching - I was and felt so freaking cheated! Sookie is at the King's house and needs to get out there and help Bill to escape. So far everything is right. Now comes the change..: Since Tara is also held hostage from Franklin ( *giggles*) in the same house, Tara drinks Franklins Blood to be strong enough to rescue herself and Sookie. Hu?!?!?!?!?!
Yes, it was Tara who helped Sookie to flee. Tara?!! What the Fuck?!!?! This is where I couldn't believe it ...

In Club Dead, the third book we have the same circumstances, Sookie is in Russels house and needs someone to help her to flee. But, it was ERIC.fucking.Northman who helped her and even more he gave her his blood so that she has enough strengh to flee and even rescue Bill. And *takes a deep breath* it was one of the hottest and sweetest scenes between Eric and Sookie so far.

I even looked it up in the book, just so that I didn't dream that:

Club Dead
Chapter 10
page 188 - 189

He carefully eased me up against him, my chest to his back, and wrapped his arms around me.(...) Then she starts drinking... (...) Eric moaned, and I could tell quickly that he was once again pleased to be in such close contact. (...) Eric pressed against me harder, and suddenly he said "Ohhhh" and relaxed all over.
I wanted to see this! Not Tara rescuing Sookie! I wanted to see Sookie drinking Eric's blood and him getting excited about this. I even think it was important to show how Eric feels about Sookie. Yeah , I know we get all his daydreams about her and his weird acting and pretending he doesn't care about her makes sense and doesn't really bother me. But I wanted to see THIS. I mean, obviously (if you follow the books) Eric and Sookie will get together. They cannot change that, or will they??? I'm afraid now.
I might overreact a bit, but really I felt really REALLY (like really really) cheated. I so badly wanted to see this interaction with Eric and Sookie and I didn't get it. *shakes head in frustration*

How is it for you?
Did you read the books and can feel my anger over this?
Or do you just watch the show and care more about *cough* Bill?

Saturday, July 17

And the Winner is....

Now let's go and pick the winner, I told hubs to pick a number between 1 and 15
and he picked the 11.

Who is 11?

Well, this is the Winner shirt:

...and it belongs soon to


Congrats Girl!
Please write me a mail with your address, link to the shirt, size and color and you should get your shirt soon!

For all those that haven't won, you can still get your own shirt - honestly I need more of those. I have a few I'd love to have... Thanks again to Cafe Press for giving us TwiHard girlies the chance to get one of those shirt!


!!!!NEW WINNER!!!!

Since Missie didn't answer and contacted me
since one week, I picked another winner:

This is your winning shirt

Congrats and I hope you will claim your price ... *hugs*

Thursday, July 8

Giveawayyyy Time! Win a Twilight Cafe Press Shirt...

Remember last year when Cafe Press giveaways spread around in Twilight Bloggyverse? After Eclipse finally hit the theaters and the excitement is still spreading it's time to do it again.

Truly, Eclipse is the best freaking movie of all of them! I'm so back on the track after I saw Eclipse. So let's express our love in wearing the freaking cool and cute T-Shirts Cafe Press is offering.

Wanna see mine?
Here is the cuteness:

It says: I left my heard in the meadow...
Isn't that cute? I know, it is!

Here are some of my favorite shirts I found while I searched for more than two hours to decide which one I want for myself. There are so many great ones, I had such a hard time deciding. It seems like I need more ... Honestly, I even had a hard time deciding which one to put into this post. *rolls eyes at self*

Here is my selection!

Wasn't the Tent scene incredible good?
Hottness good?
Freaking awesome?

Here we come! Make me a Newborn baby.
Besides, wasn't Riley just hot??

This is just so true!

I won't switch Teams but Jasper was AweSoMneSs in Eclipse

Second Jasper shirt, what's wrong with me..!?!!!
No, I still won't switch Teams!
I don't discriminate here and you can win a doggy shirt...

One of my all-time-favourite shirts!
Isle Esme! Let's prepare for Breaking Dawn!
(one and a half fucking years.. this is cruel!)

I hear you saying now: "Ok , I get it. There are tons of cool shirts. Now tell me already what I need to do to get one!"

Patience my girls,
let's admire the hottness that is Robward first:


Ok, Ok now back to the shirts: All you have to do is go to Cafe Press and look at their site to find Eclipse t-shirts and more Twilight themed merchandise at CafePress. Check out their cool stuff and then come back here and tell me (meaning link me) which Twilight shirt you'd love to win! Easy Peasy!
Oh and you get an extra entry for
  • being my beloved Follower
  • for becoming a new beloved Follower
  • for telling me which scene in Eclipse you love most! (If you haven't seen it yet, go and see it already!! It's awesome! But for the giveaway you can tell me your fav scene of the book.)
Contest runs until next Friday, July 15th!

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